‘Hey Dickless!’

This is the best story ever:

PARKER JR.: If I died tomorrow, there would probably be a blip on the news [referring to me as] the guy who came up with “who you gonna call.”

WEAVER: Suddenly, everyone knew who I was. Kids would come up to me and say, “Did you really turn into a dog?”

RAMIS: Teachers were writing me saying, “Kids were playing Ghostbusters in playgrounds, and it was very good. It wasn’t about one set of kids versus another like cowboys and Indians. They were working together fighting evil spirits.”

AYKROYD: People in the paranormal field loved it. It gave focus to their work.

ATHERTON: The movie had just opened and I was doing a reading for Joe Papp in New York. So I’m walking down 7th Avenue, and there’s this big Ghostbusters marquee, and there are all these buses filled with kids. But I’m not registering it too much, I’m thinking about Chekhov. And all of a sudden about eight million kids lean out the windows and yell, “Hey, dickless.”


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