‘Work and Life Balance’

Yeah, because men get asked about that shit all the time: 

“I got a lot of criticism and I said I always thought this was not a gender issue, this is a human issue of work and life balance,” Lauer said in reaction to backlash from his interview that aired one week earlier. “It’s a parenting issue for men and women, moms and fathers, a question I ask myself every single day. But clearly it still touches a nerve.”

It's a parenting issue for men and women, but women are the ones who get the questions. You may ask yourself that question, dipshit, but you don't ask male CEOs, male movie stars, male entertainers, that question out loud. It's not about what you think. You're on fucking chicken-fried television. It's about what you do and say, because that's what your viewers see and hear. You have an enormous goddamn megaphone and the way you use it fucking matters

Lauer, who is a parent as well, pointed out that because of his interview with Barra, he missed his own son’s 13th birthday.

What a massive asshole. Does he really not understand that for a man, that's viewed as a sacrifice necessary to maintain such a driven and impressive career, and for a woman, it's a catastrophic parenting failure that she will always regret?

Does he really not understand that the way men and women are judged for these things is different? It's not about what he feels or what Barra feels. It's about the societal expectation that a high-achieving man with children will continue to achieve and those kids will come around to appreciate him in time.

Whereas a high-achieving woman with children will somehow make it up to her kids for every single second she spends away from them. 


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