Rest Easy

Guarnere lived to 90, and wouldn’t you have, too:

“He was without a doubt one of the bravest and best soldiers in all of Easy Company,” said Easy Company historian Jake Powers. “He was one of the best combat leaders not only in his company but also the division. If there was a fight going on with the 1st Platoon or 3rd Platoon, Bill would miraculously show up and leave 2nd Platoon to go help. He would ‘march to the sound of gunfire.’ He had no reservations and was just a fearless man in combat.”

Guarnere’s time in the war ended when he lost his right leg while trying to help a wounded soldier. For his efforts during the Brecourt Manor Assault on D-Day, he earned the Silver Star. He later received two Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts.

After the war, Guarnere played a major role in several veterans’ organizations and Easy Company reunions.

“He was the glue that held the Company together,” Powers said. “He would coordinate the reunions, do all the newsletters and send letters to keep the guys in touch and find Company men. He did that from the end of the war until his death.”

Ultimately, Powers says Guarnere was instrumental in keeping the legacy of Easy Company alive.

“The heavy lifting that Bill did after the war kept all these men together,” Powers said.


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