What a Charmer

That Republican re-branding is going gangbusters:

“Listen to what [Jimmy Carter] said yesterday talking about Hurricane Katrina. Now bear in mind, 10,000 people there are listening to this, and the current sitting president of the United States of America — this is what Jimmy Carter said. ‘We only have to recall the color of the faces of those of Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi who are most devastated by Katrina, to know’ — listen to that, he knows — ‘that there are not yet equal opportunities for all Americans.’ You got to be kidding me. ‘Look at the color of the faces and know there’s not equal opportunity’? As far as I can tell, Mr. Carter, everybody had equal opportunity to get out of the way of a Category 5 storm that we all knew was coming for over a week. How do we know this? You’re looking at it, brother. I was right in the heart of the storm. The eye of that storm came right over my house, my friend.”


4 thoughts on “What a Charmer

  1. Where to begin…? Well…to start, it was the government, the certified wingnut-hated-federal-northern-war-of-agression government that told him about the storm in the first place. If clowns like McDaniels had been in charge for any length of time it’s entirely possible we wouldn’t even have a weather bureau.
    Second, they were going to evacuate to…where? And how? Oh, they’ll holler again about the school buses (as if the school bus drivers hadn’t, you know, evacuated)…that said, lots of people people did go to the Superdome, i.e., the “shelter of last resort.” This was, yes, a very reluctant but still official directive for people who had no other place to go…and lots of people took heed. Many of them ended up outside the Convention Center asking for assistance…AFTER it became apparent that this wasn’t just a storm, but an epic disaster.
    I’m getting really sick of hearing smug assholes like McDaniels go out of their way to kick people in the teeth when they’re down…particularly when ANY perceived infringement on their expected priviliege (taxes? admission quotas?) is met with out of control howling and inevitable comparisons to Nazi Germany…

  2. From what I’ve seen reported in the last few days, these are some of his LEAST offensive quotes.
    Centering on the quote you provided, he is already showing an aptitude to make decisions based on ignorance (the center of the storm isn’t the worst place to be).
    On a tangent, saw an item that Florida making it so you can take your guns with you into a disaster shelter whether you have a permit or not. Now with Katrina weren’t there all sorts of fears that the people left behind were firing on each other and on rescuers (admittedly reported by Faux News)? Who wants more guns into the picture?

  3. Sure, it’s so easy to get out of town, even if you’re poor, and don’t have a car, and don’t have a place to go. Besides, they knew for a week the levees would break, didn’t they?

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