An outfit even Ted Chaough wouldn’t wear

Senator Aqua Buddha is in trouble with the Reagan worshippers in the GOP base. Why? He was caught on video saying that Saint Ronnie wasn’t perfect. Who knew that Ronnie blew up the budget deficit and raised taxes? I do but your average delusional wingnut does not or refuses to acknowledge it. Thanks to that estimable video hound David Corn for posting more of, Rand’s heretical musings at Mother Jones.

In my book, Aqua Buddha’s real crime was wearing this sweater vest, mock turtleneck combination whilst speaking at Western Kentucky University in April of 2009:


What did those students ever do to you, Senator? It’s a combination so hideous that not even Mad Men’ssweater loving Ted Chaough would be caught dead wearing it. I gotta say that the sight of that brown argyle sweater vest over a mock turtleneck leaves me no choice but to mock the whole ugly outfit. And you want to be President? This is the worst thing I’ve seen a potential Oval One wear since Bill Clinton wore short shorts while jogging during the 1992 race. This is what happens when your party is anti-gay…

Okay, I’m done channeling Tim Gunn. That is all.