Paragraph Of The Day: Clinton Baby Edition

It comes from veteran pundit Jeff Greenfield:

Even in this Age of Permanent Gas-baggery, when the signal-to-noise ratio is approaching the win-loss ratio of the 1962 Mets, the mindlessness of the Baby Clinton conversation has made CNN’s search for the Malaysian airplane look like a model of thoughtful analysis. I would cheerfully give a significant three-figure sum to any talking head who, when asked to opine on the earthshaking consequences of Chelsea’s pregnancy, would channel John McEnroe: “You cannot be serious!”

Full blown Clinton Derangement Syndrome (CDS) is back and worse than ever. There have even been mutterings on the right that “those people” never do anything without calculating the political consequences. That sounds as if Hill and Bill tell Chelsea and her hubby when they should have sex and when they should use contraception. It’s all a gynormous plot to make Hillary more sympathetic. It clearly has nothing to do with a couple in their 60’s wanting to have grandchildren. The Clintons are NOT ordinary people except when it suits the nutters to treat them as such. Of course, they probably think that Vincent Foster is the baby’s real grandpa even thought that means Hillary had an affair with a man instead of being sapphic. The crazy goes on and on and on.

In addition to CDS, this whole idiotic flap illustrates the casual sexism that remains prevalent. We don’t hear a lot about grandparentage affecting male candidates and making them all hormonal and shit. Willard Mittbot Romney has a passel of kids and grandchirren and nobody ever wondered about how it would impact his fantasy Presidency. Why? Because it wouldn’t. I don’t think that Hillary will suddenly start quilting or granny blogging just because Chelsea’s going to be a mommy.

I wish I could say that this will all blow over but we know it won’t. The nutters know how to use the interweb and they have a whole cable network dedicated to this nonsense. The mere mention of Hillary’s name gets them salivating and concocting bizarre conspiracy theories. BENGHAZI. BENGHAZI.

I was one of those Democrats who supported Obama in the 2008 primaries because I hoped CDS would be a thing of the past. Instead of CDS we got ODS with the right painting the Clintons as the “good, moderate” Democrats as opposed to the Marxist/Nazi/Mau Mau dude. Given how crazy the current GOP is, there’s only one syndrome: Democratic President Derangement Syndrome.

Welcome to the not so brave, not so new world of DPDS.

2 thoughts on “Paragraph Of The Day: Clinton Baby Edition

  1. Thank you. I hate to see baby-gate get any more mention. But for a few days I’ve been totally mystified as to why the right had any problem with a married woman getting pregnant. At least now I know that it isn’t just me that is totally lost as to why this could possibly be an issue.

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