Douglas Feith Just Can’t Stop

The stupidest fucking guy on the face of the earth:

Last weekend, one need not have looked further than the Foreign Affairshomepage for a little bit of political humor. There readers will find a lengthy, circumspect article authoritatively titled, “The War of Law: How New International Law Undermines Democratic Sovereignty.”

The piece begins with applause for the Senate’s decision last December to reject the the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities, before critiquing a trend sustained by some legal scholars, called legal transnationalism, which favors enshrining articulated international norms of justice in national judiciaries.

The punchline can be found in the byline. The article was coauthored by Jon Kyl, John Fonte, and — prepare to laugh, those in the know — Douglas Feith. Not simply some sort of detached scholar, devoted professional, or principled activist, the latter author would appear to have a direct stake in the outcome of the global debate on legal transnationalism given the clear threat posed to him by potential criminal charges.

Can’t imagine why one of the Iraq war’s chief architects would have a problem with international law.


3 thoughts on “Douglas Feith Just Can’t Stop

  1. I normally hate posting “me too” posts. But in this case, I have nothing to add, hadn’t seen this. Just want to say thank you for keeping me informed on the march to a society without civil rights.

  2. With Kyl involved, did the article have a disclaimer that it wasn’t intended to be a factual statement? That’s some powerfully concentrated stupid there.

  3. Feith should be rotting in prison in the Hague with the other war criminals. He is a disgrace to this nation, along with the rest of his neocon war-mongering, morally bankrupt cabal. None of whom have served, of course.

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