The Spirit of76 Wingnut Special Forces

FromAlbum 5

So, wacko festival seasonends this year with what reactionaries are promising will be some sort of cross between lunatic fringe Coachella and the Minutement at Lexington and Concord…well, plus layer after layer of beer gut from years of drinking canned Busch beer by the case, maybe some Confederate battle flags mixed in with the Stars and Stripes and Gadsden Flags (possibly attached to a Hoveround paid for by Medicare)…in other words, a place for vendors to hawk Jane Fonda was a Traitor Bitch bumper stickers that ISN’T a gun show.

Speaking of, I wonder how many open carry nutcases will show…that said, unlikeprevious attempts at massive resistance that flopped like a dying fish on a pier, this one, to my knowledge, isn’t being flogged 24/7 by Faux News, so it might be even less like your typical NASCAR track infield on race day, and more…just sort of sad…