God, Sullivan is an Officious Prick

"Any blogger:" 

What is or is not a government secret relies ultimately on the law – which is rightly determined by our elected representatives, not by any blogger, however well-intentioned. That’s the essence of democracy.

Earth to Sully #1: YOU'RE A FUCKING BLOGGER. Lose the sneer. And the only decent things that have ever happened to check government power in this country have happened because somebody (later joined by lots of somebodies) took it up on him- or herself to challenge the contention that the law is unjust. 

And you know that, because you're stupid, but not like that. 

Right now, for example, what the public knows and does not know about the NSA is determined by Glenn Greenwald. He has in his possession vast troves of information that he is keeping secret, until he decides it will becomes public. He is picking and choosing what to divulge and doing so over an extended period of time. In that sense, he is close to being an alternative government, but without any internal checks and balances, and with no recourse for the public through the democratic system.

What the FUCK? Greenwald has been publishing and working with more editors than Sullivan, currently, so again with the sneering. As to "recourse for the public" against an individual freelance journalist, what exactly is Sullivan suggesting here? We vote him off the island? Glenn Greenwald is not our bitch. 



4 thoughts on “God, Sullivan is an Officious Prick

  1. The NSA has the same vast troves in its possession until such time as they decide it will become public, as well. Also picking and choosing what to divulge (well, mostly not divulge).

  2. Y’know, David Addington wasn’t elected by anyone and he was the person that came up with most of the shit that Snowden, through Greenwald, has been exposing.
    I’d say that one citizen behaving responsibly trumps another citizen behaving like Stalin, any day. Too bad, so sad, Sully’s just another whiner.

  3. Still, if the idea is to get the information out to the public, then get on with it.

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