11 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Lamb spiedies. No, I’m not from Binghamton NY, but I used to work with a bunch of transplanted Binghamtonites, and they turned me onto them.

  2. Fish on the half-shell. Get a side of a good fish. Have them leave the skin and scales on. Melt butter with garlic and some herbs. Put that fish on the grill, scale side down, spread on the butter mix and close the grill. Cook till it’s done and enjoy.
    Also lamb burgers!

  3. Line-caught wild king salmon fillets, marinated 40 minutes in teriyaki and black pepper, grilled skin side down. Superb hot off the grill; superb cold the next day with toast and some melon.

  4. Pretty much anything except hot dogs…my habit is to do a lot of stuff, then freeze what I can’t eat right away. Maybe it’s not as good as fresh, but it’s still got smoke flavor…plus it beats having to cook and is cheaper than eating out.
    Yesterday I did up two pork loin tips, eight burgers, a rib-eye steak, and partly did a brisket (one hour on the grill well after peak heat, finished low and slow and covered in a 200 degree oven). The pork and brisket were marinaded overnight in a mix of cheap soy sauce and liquid smoke. Everything was dry rubbed or spiced with salt, pepper, and cayenne.
    I made pulled pork out of the tips for wraps with black beans and/or guacamole, the brisket is thin sliced for an entree or sandwich…the steak was dinner with asparagus and thick cut fries…
    Oh, and the cat gets some treats as well…
    Normally I’d grill up some chicken as well…maybe next time.

  5. A grilled delight that I never make for myself,
    but hope to enjoy again some day:
    two Nurnberger bratwurstchen on a brotchen, with mustard, bought from a street vendor.

  6. Skirt steak fajitas. Really tasty. Several-hour marinade in cheap red wine, sliced limes, garlic, black pepper and diced jalapenos, cooked just a few minutes on a side, sliced on the diagonal and then sauteed with red and green sweet pepper pieces and red onion.
    Until the BP meltdown in the Gulf, big shrimp (stuffed with a mixture of minced green onion, ground cooked pork, garlic and paprika and a little flour to bind it all together), and then wrapped in bacon and grilled (well, truthfully, BP and the gall bladder put an end to those). I also like to do wild salmon fillets, skin side down on the grill for a few minutes with lemon and dill weed and cracked pepper, then bring them in and poach them in white wine in a dutch oven for the remainder of the cooking, and serve with a topping of cream sauce made of light cream and what’s called down here southwest cheviche–a mixture of seafood bits, tomato, onion and mildly hot peppers. Also very tasty.

  7. Hard to pick a favorite, but it’s probably Sheboygan-style brats, grilled nicely and then simmered in cheap beer and lots of onions, served on good bakery buns–not those low-cal things my wife insists on picking up–dressed with lots of the simmered onions, fresh diced onions, relish, and horseradish mustard. Pretty hard to beat.

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