Who Has Suffered More than David Brooks?

Nobody, you guys. 


Not the 21-year-old who got a leg shot off in Iraq. Not the 60-year-old who lost his job and has been looking for one for three years. Not the mother of three who just got cancer. Not the 8-year-old dying of AIDS, nobody. 

It was "hell on earth" being a columnist at the New York Times, you guys. Hell. On. Earth. 

Brooks was shocked at the volume of "punishingly negative" comments when he joined the Times in 2003.

"It was the worst six months of my life," he said. "I had never been hated on a mass scale before."

Well, you were never a jackass on a mass scale before, so it stands to reason … 

How do you read Internet comments which are mean to you, each day, and continue to live, David Brooks? 

He has unprecedented freedom and job security. Times columnists, Brooks said, are treated like "hothouse flowers."

"I've never attended a meeting at the Times," he said. "We can write about anything. I've been at the Times for over a decade, I've never had a performance review. We can go anywhere we want. And we are just left alone."

Remember when bloggers were the worst because we didn't have editors and nobody vetted our work? Remember how that was going to bring down the Republic? 


4 thoughts on “Who Has Suffered More than David Brooks?

  1. 6 months in 2003. Glad to see he was able to overcome such abuse and tragedy so promptly, and apparently for good. Shameless.

  2. I’d tell David Brooks to go to hell…except that when I get there myself, he’d be the leading columnist for The Satanic Times.

  3. MichaelF: don’t give that Satan dude any ideas. The flames and brimstone are bad enough without a Bobo column being inflicted also, too.

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