3 thoughts on “‘The FCC Chastised Janet Jackson’s Breast’

  1. Does anyone remember if there was objection years ago when Kirk Douglas got a big on the mouth kiss from another man at the Academy Awards?
    I grew up in a family of mouth kissers and knew other mouth kissing families. No one thought twice about it.
    Well, till me, I guess. A bit of childhood abuse turned me into a cheek kisser and I enforced that boundary with my family. Still it has not been that long ago that men kissing men on the mouth was not sexualized like it is now.

  2. I’d put this in context of the infamous mixed-race family Cheerios commercial, ad complaints about showing the briefest moment’s view of what may have been a family with same-sex parents, and complaints over an ad singing America the Beautiful in languages other than english (as if the Tea Baggers in my area could speak english).

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