Paragraph Of The Day: Charlie Pierce Edition

My blogging patron saint wrote a brilliant and blistering post about the Mississippi GOP's little electoral shindig. Here's the kick ass opening 'graph:

The triumph of sheep-humping in Mississippi last night was clear and unequivocal. Incumbent Republican Thad Cochran, an otherwise nondescript elderly pork-ladling conservative, waited until very late in the campaign to bring out his heavy, er, artillery, explaining to his constituents that he not only brings home the bacon, but also entertains the bacon while it's still ambulatory. Cochran's political masterstroke turned the entire election against his opponent, Tea Party neo-Confederate Chris McDaniel, who could not come up with an effective counter-argument, at least not one that he could show on a television commercial. And, thus did sheep-humping defeat cockfighting, a watershed moment in Mississippi politics. So now we start the genita…er…general election campaign. Everybody wash your hands thoroughly.

Pierce understands what the MSM horde does not. Nothing that happens in Mississippi politics has any relevance to any other place. It's a fucking weird fucked up state, which produced a run-off between an advocate of animal husbandry and a neo-Confederate pro-cock fighting racist. Originally, I didn't expect black folks to vote in any numbers for the sheep fucker but once they issued the statement about poll watchers, I knew we were in for some political mischief.

I'll give Charlie's favorite Canadian the last word:


2 thoughts on “Paragraph Of The Day: Charlie Pierce Edition

  1. Assume you’ve seen that his Tea Bagger opponent who also apparently made sneak pictures of Cochran’s wife , Mark Mayfield, was found dead of apparent suicide.(CNN is where I saw it).
    In an even odder twist, I saw a news commentary site saying that Cochran won due to the black vote but then the black’s were apparently dropped instantly after the election by Cochran. By itself not that odd. But the really odd part is that Mayfield apparently had folks at the polls looking for possible democratic voters to challenge. (Mississippi has a really weird primary law that it isn’t hard for a person to vote for one party or the other. But apparently the law says that when you vote for someone in the primary you then must vote for them in the general election. As if they could match up those votes. However, makes it easy to challenge someone trying to vote in the primaries.

  2. Bad wording in my above post. To clarify, Cochran was running against Tea Bag darling Chris McDaniel. Mayfield was friend of McDaniel and apparently the Lee Atwater or Karl Rove for McDaniel.

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