My Husband Desires My Fertility


Perhaps I could have shared my own experience. You see, I don’t know what condom-sex feels like, but I can’t imagine it’s better than the au natural.

I only know what it is like to have sex with my husband without any barriers between us. By God’s grace I have been blessed to experience what it is to have a man cherish me for all I am and relish in the joy of conceiving child after child with me, and who desires all of me, including my fertility, in a passionate way.

My question to you, my dear, is this: isn’t that something you want for yourself? 

What in the seventh blue hell. Do you genuinely think that's a good argument to start with, when confronting a 20-something woman buying condoms? Child after child? Your man desires your fertility? Okay, until he doesn't anymore and CUTS OFF YOUR HEAD AND MARRIES SOMEONE ELSE when you get too old to keep having litters or whatever this is on about. 


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