Rachel Maddow on the OSA Invasion of NOLA

I almost called the show TRMS but that would have been acronym overkill, which gives me a headache. Anyway, kindly Doc Maddow dispatched a producer and a film crew to New Orleans to cover the rebranded Operation Rescue's malakatude including the UU church invasion. There's a chilling reminder that Dr. George Tiller was killed at his own church, which makes OSA's mild condemnation of the NOLA incursion ring hollow:


One thought on “Rachel Maddow on the OSA Invasion of NOLA

  1. MichaelF says:

    And I would not be at all surprised if these same people are the one hollering loudest about things like this
    EBR Parish is moving to implement USDA paid-for school lunches systemwide, i.e., parents no longer need to specifically apply. That and an earlier article have plenty of comments bemoaning the entitlement mentality of the little ones, whom I guess are no longer “God’s angels” but presumably parasites or whatever choice language they use. Nice, eh?
    Of course, no mention is made of entitlement mentality on the part of the agribusinesses who rake in federal dollars from the same agency…or the numerous K-Street connected corporations who similarly feast at the trough…


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