‘Some Liberal like Orrin Hatch’

Yes, that is a thing someone wrote. Take it away, Club for Growth: 

Tiahrt is now trying to retake his former seat, which is now held by Rep. Mike Pompeo (R). The Club for Growth supports Pompeo (and Tiahrt has actually endorsed Pompeo in the past, two times, according to Roll Call).

"Because some liberal like Orrin Hatch or Todd Tiahrt tries to juice their stats come election time doesn't mean they'll vote for pro-growth policy every time, and that's what matters," Keller said, according to the Journal. "Todd Tiahrt's lifetime 77 percent on the Club for Growth's congressional scorecard pales in comparison to Mike Pompeo's stellar 90 percent."

The Club for Growth has not spent any money in advertising for Pompeo so far.

Orrin Hatch, that flaming commie, is now too left-wing for these people. 

I think it would be okay, the inner Tea Party/Weak Tea Party strife that makes liberals out of people with 0% NARAL ratings, if they would just hurry up and get it over with. Just politically annihilate each other already. If it was quick, it might have fewer consequences for America and thus be more hilarious. As it stands, every day they drag this out is a day people not involved in their bullshit have to hold up on actual accomplishments while they throw their lunches at each other. 


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  1. Occurs to me that these people don’t recognize the similarity between economic growth for its own sake and cancer.

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