takedown of the day: john kass edition

He’s just wrong on the facts and Chuck Sudo has the definitive response. 

If Kass is looking for outrage at Antonio Smith’s killing, he needn’t look far. He could (and, to his credit, did) speak with the Rev. Michael Pfleger, who called Antonio’s death an “execution,” helped establish a $13,500 reward—Pfleger called it a “bounty”—for information leading to the arrest of Antonio’s killer, and added, “If you kill a child in our neighborhood, you are a terrorist.”


If Kass is looking for outrage, he could attend any of the scores of small demonstrations, community meetings and CAPS assemblies across the city to find people doing their damnedest to fight against the prevailing culture, people who are making a difference one person at a time. There he can find some of the outrage he feels is missing with Antonio’s death. Contrary to what Kass observed, blacks are not ignoring the violence ravaging their neighborhoods.

Kass comes across in his column as if he watched 20 minutes of CNN and decided that since his particular thing wasn’t mentioned, nobody cared. It would have taken ten seconds of Googling to find out what Sudo lays out so admirably here.

Nobody came to your house and read you the coverage, pal, but it existed nonetheless. It’s almost like your understanding of the world isn’t the be-all and end-all of existence.