St. Louis County Police Officer Suspended, And Needs Help

Jesus doesn’t want you for a sunbeam, pal: 

Having invited this guy to speak, how do you stand there and let him keep talking? If I was running that program I’d have pulled the fire alarm.

Forget his deep thoughts on Muslims and women and gay people and black people. That’s all stuff we hear from the mouths of Teawad congressmen and distant relatives. I’m still stuck on the very beginning of the video, where he alleges that Hillary Clinton produced a secret slideshow detailing how America is going to be divided up into sections based on where people there are from (I think?) and you’ll need your birth certificate (possibly?) to demonstrate that you can travel from one to the other.

It’s totally credible that a guy dressed like my dad giving the world’s most inept PowerPoint in what looks like a church basement would have the skinny on all that, right? Everything is ten, and it all has to become one. All the police departments will become one. It’s happening right now! Nobody else will tell you this.


2 thoughts on “St. Louis County Police Officer Suspended, And Needs Help

  1. I wonder if he kept his whacked ideas to himself all this time at work or did we keep promoting someone who is clearly deranged up to Sgt Major?

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