Obama Enters week one of presidency

It’s about fucking time: 

He said service members leaving the military who are being treated for mental health conditions would now be automatically enrolled in a program in which mental health professionals help them move to VA care.

Currently, service members must be specifically referred to the program by their Defense Department providers or seek out the program on their own.

“Additionally, VA will implement a new policy to ensure that recently discharged service members enrolling in the VA health care system maintain access to mental health medication prescribed by an authorized DoD provider regardless of whether the medication is currently on VA’s formulary,” the White House said.

Did anybody not know the VA was fucked up? I mean, we might not have known how fucked up, but if you talk to any six vets they’ll tell you sixteen horror stories, and given the state of mental health coverage for rich people (it still sucks) with private insurance, does it take a major genius to figure out this was going on?


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  1. Considering that from the very onset, boot camp is designed to break the person down so they are more maleable to be molded into the image of a soldier. If we break them down, why are we surprised when they are broken ?

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