A GW Bridge Too Far

It’s been fun on the Governor Gas Bag Pufferfish Fat Fuck front today. All that talk that nobody close to Christie would be dumb enough to do such a thing is looking rather quaint right now. The people around Tricky Dick who concocted the White House and CREEP’s 1972 crime wave were pretty darn smart too. Like the Christie people they did something epically stupid because they wanted to run up the score on an opponent whose ass they were going to kick anyway. I believe it’s called hubris, which will bite you in the butt every damn time.

The stories about emergency response delays due to the lane closures could provide Christie’s future opponents with a Willie Horton moment.Just check this out:

First responders were delayed in responding to at least four medical emergencies due to the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge in September that have been linked to one of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s (R) political feuds.

The delays were detailed in a letter from EMS coordinator Paul Favia to Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich. It was obtained by the Bergen Record and dated Sept. 10, the second day Fort Lee was consumed by gridlock due to the lane closures.

In one instance, it took EMS workers seven minutes to get to a 91-year-old woman who was unconscious and eventually died of cardiac arrest at a hospital.

This is turning out to be a bigger deal than I expected. It’s still petty, stupid, and childish but it’s looking increasingly important.