Kinks Week: Tired Of Waiting For You


I had a lot of positive feedback about Soul Week; much of it on social media, please leave comments here, y’all.  Pretty please with sugar, sugar on it. So, I decided to do a variation on it from time-to-time. This week, we’ll go back to my roots, The Kinks.

The Kinks had two periods of great popularity, but they belong to their hardcore fans in a way that their British invasion peers the Beatles, Stones and Who never did. I’m a hardcore, lifelong fan of all those bands, but I feel most personally connected to the Kinks. Perhaps it’s Ray’s quirky and personal lyrics or maybe even the sibling rivalry between him and kid brother Dave, which even extended to brother by choice, drummer Mick Avory. That’s right, folks, Mick was Ray’s best friend and left the band because he and Dave could not get along. Now that’s *extended* sibling rivalry.

I’ve also had the Kinks on my mind because there are once again reunion rumors. This has been going on since they finally broke up in 1996. I’ll believe it when I see it.

As with Soul Week, I’ll be posting a Kinks original followed by a cover or two. We’ll go back to the Sixties and start with Tired Of Waiting For You followed by Dwight Yoakam’s astonishing re-interpretation of it as a Sinatra-Bennett style big band numbah:

Here’s the man in the hat, swinging the Kinks:

Btw, I had a series of misadventures in posting Dwight’s version. It had vanished from YouTube even though all the other tunes from Under The Covers were there. In the end, I uploaded the MP3 above. The things I do for First Draft.


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