Quote Of The Day: Edwin Edwards Edition

I rarely watch CNN any more. With the exception of Jake Tapper, I can’t stand their anchors, hosts or whatever. Do I really want my breaking news delivered by Wolf Blitzer, the worst contestant in Jeopardy history? Hell no, I don’t want to make Brad Rutter or Ken Jennings cry.

Anyway, Charlie Pierce informs us that CNN did a pretty good report about my former Governor’s candidacy for Congress. More importantly, Edwin did what he does best and fired off an instant classic one-liner:

“I may be old and rancid butter, but I’m on your side of the bread.”

I don’t share Charlie’s enthusiasm for a December run-off in both Edwin and Mary Landrieu’s races. Not only is the Democrat unlikely to win, but the likes of Chuck Todd and the Politico pukes will flock to the Gret Stet. I have no desire to hear gumbo and voodoo cliches from the beltway punditocracy.

Sorry, Charlie, I know it would be a great Christmas present for you, but I live here and I’d rather focus on the Saints and the Tigers than have a run-off. Of course, after the way LSU played the other night maybe I should reconsider…