Today In Responsible Gun Ownership

Another moron with a gun did something stupid. Because 2nd Amendment:

Emily Martinez recalls hearing a gunshot after her dog Clifford jumped a fence during her daughter’s party, The Denver Post reported. The family poured into the street and found a stranger, apparently walking his own dog, standing over the family pet, still brandishing a gun.

According to neighbors and guests at the party, the man who shot the dog was shouting that he was within his rights.

“I have a concealed weapon license,” they recall him saying.

The animal was shot twice in the neck, and died after the family rushed him to a veterinarian.

Martinez also told the Post that the man pointed the gun at several people as they gathered around the fallen animal. In response, Martinez’s husband ran inside to get his own gun, but by the time he returned to the scene the shooter was gone.

Martinez’s husband said the man had taken walks by their house for several months and had previously complained about the dog’s barking.

Having the right to do something and actually doing it are different things. I also don’t recall the existence of a right to shoot your neighbor’s barking dog in the constitution. I’m sure the NRA will find one.

Oh, the humanity.


6 thoughts on “Today In Responsible Gun Ownership

  1. Sounds like a real “polite society,” eh? Christ — I get the feeling some of the loonier gun nuts won’t be satisfied until we’re all living like the lunatics in Syria and Anbar Province driving around with 50 caliber machine guns mounted in the beds of their pickup trucks.

  2. “In response, Martinez’s husband ran inside to get his own gun,…”

    Really? There is no way that won’t make the situation worse? Confronting a guy like that who is already pointing his weapon at your family with your own gun?

    I have to move to a civilized country. Screw this.

  3. The right to carry a concealed weapon is not the same as the right to shoot a dog for barking at you or whatever the dog was doing.

  4. Agree Chris. But my perception is that the police here are increasingly likely to shoot a dog for “acting agressively” towards them and videos tend to show non-agressive behavior.

    And dare I draw a parallel to my sense that police are more likely to shoot citizens for behavior that on the spectrum of violence would be at the end labelled “impolite but no biggie.”

  5. I am usually very quiet on comment threads, but this one stirred me up. Particularly since I went a couple of links deep into the Denver Post article and discovered the dog the guy was walking was a Border Collie…I also have one. The guy claims he was walking his dog in the street and the Lab came over the fence and attacked his animal in the street. I can certainly relate. I lived in Denver 20+ years ago and recall Commerce City was a rough place. Maybe it’s changed, I sure hope so. Doesn’t sound like it though.

    I moved about a year ago from a small city in Eastern Oregon to a somewhat larger one in the same region. I have owned dogs for most of the last 20 years or so. I have never had a problem with any dog attacking mine – until this year, and I have lived in some pretty big cities in the SW, Denver being one of those. My dog and I were walking on a busy street in a commercial/residential area. I saw a guy with a dog in the parking lot across the street; didn’t think anything of it. Suddenly I hear the guy screaming “NO, NO”! and here comes his pit bull across the busy street making a beeline for my dog. The damned thing went straight for mine and would not get off. Owner comes over and says “I got this” and proceeds to try to pry the dog’s jaws apart. I’m standing there in shock thinking I am watching my companion dying and there’s nothing I can do about it – She’s 33 lbs and this pit is twice her size and is shaking her like a rag doll. I’m in full blown anxiety attack, and screaming to anyone to call a cop. Fortunately we are downtown so cops arrive pretty quickly. By this time the guy has his dog pulled off mine, has passed it to another person, who is taking it down the street. The cops have both of us pulled off to different parts of the lot where this all took place, taking statements and getting ID. They took the guy to jail for outstanding warrants; took the dog to his owner (guy was the owner’s boyfriend) and I was told a ticket was issued for dog at large. No license, vaccinations, or leash.Naturally neither of us are doing well, basically I have just witnessed a near fatal attack on my dog and was powerless to stop it. The injuries weren’t that bad, but she had to go to the vet and have them treated (70.00 bill I ate because the judge declined to order restitution).

    So I’m thinking this is a one off, never going to happen again, right? The two of us are pretty petrified but we are going to soldier on like it never happened, except we will find a better neighborhood to walk in. Right?

    Happens again a week later. We are walking on a quiet residential street in what appears to be a nice neighborhood. this guy is outside weeding his front yard, has his door open. Here come three of the damned things raging out the front door and straight for us. Biggest one lights into my dog. Here comes the owner; big Hispanic fellow. Manages to pull his dog off. The other two are circling looking for an opening, but he convinces them to back off. They run back in the front door of the house. I’m standing there hyperventilating and in tears and my dog is cringing on the ground. The guy says “I’m sorry”, and goes back in the house. We make our way home.

    If I had a gun at either incident I would have been hard pressed not to have shot the dog and owner both (which is why I will never carry or own one, I know what I am capable of having an anxiety disorder for many years), but I do own a can of pepper spray now and will use it if needed. Fortunately we haven’t had any trouble since. We have a set route when we go out that avoids anywhere we have had trouble before. I have checked the route pretty carefully looking for any possible problems, but I never go out without it now. I also read about the horrible incident in the big box pet store not so long ago where this guy’s dog was set upon by a pitbull that was up for adoption and the guy stabbed the pit to protect his own – I can understand. I can’t find the words to express how tragic that must have been for all involved, but I can understand.

    My dog is like my child. If you attack my child on the street I will do my best to defend her, right? These days if a dog attacks mine outside of it’s territory I will likely empty a can of pepper spray into the dog and start on the owner. The can comes off the chain each and every time I see a dog loose when we are out now.

    I love dogs. I would like to think I comprehend them pretty well. I don’t blame the dog but the owner. I have seen too many dogs socialized to be aggressive by owners who wanted an 4 legged weapon and lifestyle accessory. These animals are unpredictable and dangerous. Places where animals like that are kept for “protection” are the norm in many areas of the US now, sadly. They are not safe places to walk a dog. They are also places where most of the people own guns, and those come out as soon as the emotions rise or the trouble starts.

    I am definitely moving out of this place, but unfortunately I haven’t got the cash to just pick up and go, so I will be in this hellhole for a couple of years yet (highest violent crime rate in E. Oregon!). I hope and pray the precautions I am taking will keep this from happening again. We can’t stay home; if you have ever been around a Border Collie you know how hyper they are and have to be run twice or so a day.

    This is far more complex than “a moron with a gun”. In places like that it is desperation rather than stupidity that makes one pick the damned things up, and if you have had something really bad happen to you it is a feat of strength not to do so. My reptile brain tells me I need to protect myself; tells me I need to be on guard at all times. My heart tells me to trust creation, it’ll be OK. My intellect tells me I am no way in hell suited to carry a gun temperamentally. Two against one means I get to stay civilized.

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