I look forward to seeing the raises his reporters all get

This is because of me and the Internet, right? 

Peter Liguori, CEO of Tribune Media Co., made $8.7 million last year,according to a filing Monday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

His compensation included a $1.5 million salary, a $1.8 million bonus, $4.2 million in stock and $1.2 million in option awards.

The filing said: “Through Mr. Liguori’s stewardship, we have achieved strong performance results, even while navigating the aftermath of bankruptcy emergence. Mr. Liguori’s contributions in 2013 included strategic input and oversight of all activities associated with: consummation of the acquisition of Local TV; the startup of Tribune Studios, Tribune Digital Ventures and Tribune Real Estate Holdings; preparation for the acquisition of Gracenote; and preparation for the Publishing spinoff.”

This asshole, who looks like the love child of Rahm Emanuel and Jim Caviezel, has presided over the gutting of a once-great newspaper, for which he has received $1.8 million as a “bonus.” Bonus for fucking what?

And look at these other goddamn clowns:

• Eddy W. Hartenstein, president and CEO of the Los Angeles Times (now chairman of Tribune Publishing): $2,603,792
• Lawrence Wert, president of broadcast media: $2,314,889
• Chandler Bigelow, executive vice president and chief business strategies and operations officer: $2,041,453
• Edward P. Lazarus, EVP, general counsel and corporate secretary: $1,694,899
• Steven Berns, EVP and CFO: $1,462,288
• Melanie Hughes, EVP of human resources: $851,554

Compensation to board members included:

• Bruce A. Karsh: $478,056
• Craig A. Jacobson: $473,056
• Kenneth Liang: $468,056
• Ross Levinsohn: $463,056
• Peter E. Murphy: $454,000

How many reporters could that money have sent to Syria, to Gaza, to Iraq? How many investigations could that have funded? How many more copies of the paper could have been printed and delivered while these guys were jerking themselves off in a conference room once a month and blaming Craigslist for their problems and telling reporters they should just suck it up and work for the love of the game?

It is IRRESPONSIBLE IN THE EXTREME to keep talking about new/social media, to keep squawking DIGITAL PARADIGM like some kind of brain damaged parrot, to talk about the demise of the print newspaper (and journalism along with it) as if it’s some kind of inevitability, when these numbers exist and people aren’t even slightly ashamed.

It is deranged. It’s also easy, as it only pisses off potential customers, and not a bunch of jackasses in suits.


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  1. Back of the envelope says that’s $22 million, & Google tells me the company earned $246 million in profits for FY2013 (down 46% from FY 2012). Nice fiddles them is playing.

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