‘a certified liar’

Okay, so if Roger Goodell isn’t a liar, who the fuck is? 

Roger Goodell is the sports world’s villain du jour, but until the NFL’s elevator of investigation reaches the top — or ESPN delivers a smoking gun that proves the NFL viewed the Ray Rice video tape — the commissioner is not a certified liar.

And Bill Simmons has no license to call him one without more justification than “I’m just saying it.”

Well, he has the justification of your own fucking reporting, but other than that, sure.

See, this is the same milquetoast Little Debbie horseshit that leads journalism to separate “fact-checking” from reporting, so that journalists won’t have to do uncomfortable, mean things like use direct language that people understand.

It’s just avoidance. That’s all it is. There are apparent falsehoods and incorrect statements and “pants on fire” ratings and numbers of Pinocchio noses and it’s all so that nobody has to use the word LIED. Goodell LIED.

But he’s not a “certified liar?” Certified by whom? The Bureau of Liars? The Commission on Not Telling the Truth, which gives journalists some kind of coupon they can redeem to feel more secure about saying lies are lies?

At what point do we just stop the couching, the worrying, the ooh you can’t say that-ing, and just fucking say things?