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  1. This is probably going to be an unpopular opinion around here… but I’m not at all convinced that the woman in the article broke any law. Because the election registration form is *very* vague on exactly the point that forms the basis for the charge she’s pled guilty to. As such, I greatly dislike calling this ‘voter fraud’.
    (And I say that as a poll worker with ten years experience, five of them in Wisconsin; as well as being what is known under WI law as a ‘Special Registration Deputy’, which is one of the hoops that Walker’s ‘Voter ID’ law put in place to make registering people to vote a bit more difficult. Yes, some part of the law have gone into effect.)
    When a person fills out a registration form in WI, among other things, they avow that they have resided at their registration address for the minimum length of time (now 28 days, when she did so 10 days) ‘with no present intent to move’ from that address. So far as I know, there is nothing in the election statutes that states how long that ‘intent’ need remain ‘present’. Can you change your mind and move away after six months? one month? one week? the next day? later that afternoon?
    While it may well be debatable whether this woman ever had the ‘intent’ to remain at the registration address in the first place, it is nevertheless a completely vague and IMO therefore an unenforceable requirement. She had indeed resided at the address – her mother’s house – for the required time; there isn’t even a suggestion that she voted twice in the same election, or even tried to vote twice. She simply chose that election (or those two elections) to vote at her parents’ home instead of her own home; something, for example, college students do all the time.
    There was a similar (though not exactly the same) case in Milwaukee during the 2011 senate recall elections; three pro-union workers had come to WI from out-of-state to work on the recalls. They took up temporary residence in a motel, and – having resided at the motel for the required length of time – used the motel address as their registration address. They were investigated by the Milwaukee County DA’s office. Two of the three ultimately found permanent jobs in WI and stayed (though obviously not still residing at the motel), while the third returned to his home in Florida. He got a greater degree of investigation, but so far as I know, none of the three was ever charged… because, again IMO, none of them had broken any law.
    If you think the Republican staffer committed ‘voter fraud’, then you pretty much have to think the three recall/union guys did, too. If you think the union guys were OK doing what they did, then you have to be OK with the Republican staffer doing much the same.
    More on the Republican staffer:
    More on the three union recall workers:
    (Yeah, yeah, I know – Media Trackers…)

  2. It’s a kind of borderline case – and I actually will buy that the aide didn’t think she was doing anything wrong – but it does still count as fraud, because you’re supposed to vote in the district in which you reside (this gets a little hairy for university students; when I was a student at the University of Minnesota during the 2008 election, I voted from my parents’ district in Wisconsin, but that was where I was registered to vote).
    I think the point here is that the Republicans will frequently come out and yell about how their opponents are only winning because of rampant voter fraud and we never catch the fraudulent voters and rawr spittle rage. But we DO catch fraudulent voters, regardless of intent to commit voter fraud, with the current system we have. Do we really need any voter ID laws?

  3. No, we do not need ‘Voter ID’ laws.
    So if you want to convince people that ‘voter fraud’ (in the sense of what ‘Voter ID’ would fix) essentially doesn’t exist, yelling ‘Voter Fraud!’ in your headline is counter-productive.

  4. Robert Earle: You are either ignorant, a kool-aid drinker, full of shit, or just another LSOS Democrat.
    I see your few Republican references and raise you the pot.
    Care to take the challenge or are you content with lying or simply keeping your head up your asse?
    I have 60 pages of DOCUMENTED voter fraud and other voting irregularities. There are about ten per page.
    I haven’t added them up but would guess 80% or so are DEMOCRATS, LIBERALS, PROGRESSIVES and the rest of you socialists. Let’s see if you can do the math.
    If any of you truth seekers want the list, send me an e-mail.
    Put “Voter fraud” in the subject line and let me know if you want a WORD or PDF file.
    “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”
    Joseph Stalin (attributed)

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