The ‘Everyone Gets a Trophy’ Virus

Jesus, what a fucking tool: 

Eric Bolling ended today’s Cashin’ In by saying Ebola may be a serious public health issue, but there’s another virus that all Americans should be alert about: liberalism. Yes, Bolling said that liberalism “is a dangerous virus” all Americans should be concerned about.

So why is liberalism such a scourge on the nation? Bolling explained, “Truth, transparency, freedom and liberty, the flag, under God, patriotism, all out the window, are being replaced by ‘Everyone gets a trophy,’ ‘Share the wealth,’ ‘The government knows what’s best for your business, your family, and your bedroom.’ Be careful.”

1. Who is throwing flags out the window? Bad liberal.

We burn them while chanting “Death to America.”

You have one job, guys.

2. I look forward to the calls for civility from people who think opposing political views are a sickness.

3. Is the Ebola panic not over yet? I thought avoiding local news for a week would help with the DO YOU HAVE EBOLA NEWS YOU CAN USE bullshit, but it seems my silent protest was in vain.

4. Cashin’ In is right.


2 thoughts on “The ‘Everyone Gets a Trophy’ Virus

  1. Am always amazed and not in a good way when obvious hacks like Eric Bolling, who’ve reaped the rewards of wingnut welfare and then some by the dumb luck of being a white male born in the USA, decide to lecture the rest of us on “freedom.” I’m guessing after his show, he hopped into his trophy car and hie-tailed it to his trophy house, where he might even have a trophy wife or girlfriend, which I’m sure he thinks he’s earned by dint of hard work, not that Mr. Bolling would last more than five minutes if actually required to work…Bolling is the embodiment of “soft bigotry of low expectations.”

  2. This sounds like something Reagan or J Edgar Hoover might have said way back in the middle of the 20th century. Except they were talking about dirty commies then. Bolling’s wailing equates those who disagree with him as somehow alien and must be rejected. He makes disagreement with a virus to be eradicated.

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