Weekend Question Thread

Favorite fall activity?

One of the things I’m really enjoying about life with Kick is that it helps me to do things other than lay around on Saturday and watch Netflix. I’m solitary and lazy by default, so having a pint-sized excuse to hit the farmer’s market (on days when she’ll only nap in her stroller) or visit a pumpkin patch (at almost nine months she TOTALLY cares about the petting zoo, I know she does) is keeping me from hibernating early.


7 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Lately I’ve been really enjoying outdoor cooking/grilling on nice-weather weekend days…like tomorrow. It’ll be just about as good as it gets down here. Sunny, 80 degrees, and relatively low humidity.

  2. Fall is Nutcracker practice season and one of my favorite times to reconnect with my dance mom friends. Our studio is like family. I also love pumpkin patches and can’t wait for a big picnic at one tomorrow. It’s time to lose some kids in a ridiculous corn maze.

  3. It’s festival season in New Orleans after the beastly summer. Saw Los Lobos today with the streetcar running behind them every 15-20 minutes. Oh yeah, I drank beer and ate some yummy food too.

  4. Chasing birds. Fall migration is always more spectacular here in Arizona than spring.

  5. If you can get to one, apple picking in an orchard is fun! (When you can do it at your own pace and you’re not being paid sub-minimum wage to do so.)

  6. Spent long weekend on the N.C. coast — Southport and Oak Island. Perfect weather, outstanding restaurants, and an IniquiTub 4000 jet tub in our hotel room. I loves me some off-season coast.

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