Album Cover Art Wednesday: How Will The Wolf Survive?

We saw Los Lobos at the Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival last Saturday. They were spectacular as always. I was too busy bopping to the music to take any snaps of them playing whilst the streetcar rolled behind them. It was an inopportune moment for a photo-op. So it goes.

Los Lobos is on a 40th anniversary tour so they played large chunks of their stellar 1984 debut album How Will The Wolf Survive? It put them on the map  and even finished #30 on Rolling Stone Magazine’s top 100 albums of the 1980’s.

The album’s art design was done by Kav Deluxe, who sounds like a really fancy car and the cover illustration was by Elizabeth Brady.

Wolf cover
Below is a somewhat crooked back cover photo. Btw, the Wolves are one of the few bands that I’ve ever given a sub-title to: 4 Chicanos and a Jew. They are currently 5 Chicanos and a Jew and have made very few changes to their lineup in the past 30 years. Such stability in an unstable world is impressive.


Los Lobos are one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen. They are so tight and comfortable with one another that they don’t use set lists, instead relying on eye, hand, and riff signals to segue into the next song. This is, of course, heavily influenced by their time on the road opening stadium shows for the Grateful Dead. It’s another reason I love them so much. Here they are in 2013 playing a live version of this album’s closing track, Will The Wolf Survive:

Here’s the whole damn album on YouTube in the playlist format:

Ready for some lagniappe? Here are Los Lobos with Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir in 1989:

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    1. No. Cesar hit the riff a few times but they went in another direction. Not disappointed at all. Never seen their Good Lovin’, which is a different tribute to the Dead.

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