Working Mothers and the Promotion Thereof

The Stir lists the “10 Hardest Moments for Working Mothers.”

Not among them: Realizing that when you subtract childcare from your salary you make less than minimum wage. And then realizing that even at minimum wage you still need the money too much to quit.

I’m not saying the female CEO with kids doesn’t have problems, but for fuck’s sake, I’m just about done pretending every working mother is at an office and her biggest issue is angst over missing the school play. Poor women, poor mothers, have always worked, and always missed school plays or first words, because they were busy making sure their children had trivial things like enough to eat. Their hardest moments were along the lines of writing the rent check and they weren’t spending their lunch hours fucking around reading The Stir.

Lady-shaming middle-class and upper-class professional women is not okay, but neither is ignoring the fact that lots of women work not out of a desire to fulfill themselves but out of a powerful need to put a roof over their and their children’s heads. Not all women have a partner, not all women’s partners are able to work, and not all women need the same benefits from their employers.