Scott Walker’s new jobs plan: Buy more ad time

(Sorry I was late on this. Flight didn’t get back until late yesterday and I owed my lovely wife an actual dinner with drinks. — Doc)

Apparently his good deeds and great movement of Wisconsin in a positive direction has led him to an insurmountable lead in the polling of… uh… Wait… We’re fucking tied?

Walker’s answer to everything has always been, when he’s in trouble, throw cash and obfuscation at it. According to a Washington Post article today, he has moved into the Oliver Twist realm in dealing with the Republican Governors Association By asking “Please, sir, more…” Despite the deep pockets of donors like the Koch brothers, Walker claims he’s being outspent in advertising by Democrat Mary Burke to the tune of about $500,000. The Walker campaign is now asking for an additional $1 million from the group to slather on more ads, probably like this gem.

If you live in Wisconsin, near Wisconsin or have a sense of Wisconsin, you’ve seen that ad at some point. The ads out here remind me of the Richard Pryor movie, “Brewster’s Millions,” where to spend $30 million in 30 days, Pryor runs for mayor of New York. One character in the movie notes that he’s on every channel all day. He even bought airtime in all 50 states in case New Yorkers were on vacation. If this thing was really about “getting out our message” (codespeak for bludgeoning people to death with the same commercial until we all give up), he should be winning in a landslide, because, trust me on this, he’s gotten that message out.

However, it’s NOT that we didn’t hear him or we didn’t understand him. It’s that we DISAGREE with him. Unlike the governor with the Homer-Simpson-sized brain, most of us are capable of doing all three things at the same time. I’m just stunned more people AREN’T disagreeing with him, as I noted last week.

The funniest part of this whole article is the suspicion noted by some that Chris Christie is deliberately underfunding Walker, as both men have eyes on the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. If true, it shows how truly shallow politics are. If not true, it shows how truly shallow politics are. In either case, it’s funny as hell.

Think about it for a minute: The Republicans are desperate to prop up Scott Walker so he can win a race by even the slimmest of margins against a political neophyte so he can carry their banner into battle on the national stage? That’s like spending all your money on fine-tuning your jalopy’s stereo system so that you’re totally ready to take a cross-country drive.

I’m still pondering a “Band on the Run” approach to life these days, but watching Walker squirm is making these last few days of hope really fun.

One thought on “Scott Walker’s new jobs plan: Buy more ad time

  1. You may disagree with every policy they ever uttered, but Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher leapt beyond the stagnant mood of the late 1970s.

    Yes, and Barack Obama “leapt” beyond the stagnant mood of the late 2000s with his extra-special brand of hope-infused optimistic blather. Which scared the crap out of David Brooks at the time, if memory serves.

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