Nice Job Breaking It, Wingnuts: Halloween Edition

Way to freak out the schoolkids: 

A WTNH report from last week said that Newington schools do not want students bringing their costumes to school on Halloween.

Why? Because, as parents explained, “they got letters from the principals stating that since not everyone celebrates Halloween, it should not be celebrated.”

Some parents thought this was a silly bit of political correctness, and the story took off over the weekend. The Daily Caller ran a piece on it titled “Elementary Schools Ban Halloween Because Maybe Somebody Could Get Offended.”

William Collins, the superintendent of Newington Public Schools, sent a letter to parents yesterday[PDF] clearing things up. He says the controversy was a misunderstanding and he wasn’t going to comment on this in the first place, except that they started receiving “threatening and hateful phone calls and emails from national extremist groups.”

Those groups, natch, set their flying monkeys on the school without questioning whether the Daily Caller, a shitshow on its best day, might be taking out of context a fairly minor change to Halloween festivities: 

Is America I should not have to worry about other people’s feelings if they don’t like it get the hell out of this country

bad enough Christmas, now Hallowe’en, too. so sad. what’s next, the damn Tooth Fairy?

The Muslims dress in Costumes EVERYDAY! Let the kids have fun damn it!

Yes, but schools should not teach kids what to think. They should teach them how to learn, memorize, do math skills, and write. Now our schools are teaching humanist doctrine, trying to make disciples for progressivism. That is why so many are home-schooling if they can.

The jokes, they write themselves.

Why do these people have to fuck up every holiday? First the defensive Christmas horseshit, and now whining about goddamn Halloween, which last I checked the Christianists were supposed to hate because it promoted devil worship. Can’t there be one day off work where we all eat chocolate and chill out?



2 thoughts on “Nice Job Breaking It, Wingnuts: Halloween Edition

  1. Yeah, I was gonna say I’m pretty sure it’s the ones who are wielding “Have a blessed Christmas” like an AK-47 who don’t let their kids do Halloween stuff.

  2. They just want their kids to be able to dress up as Domestic Terrorists NRA Patriots, and “open carry” in the school.

    And those darn liberal teachers are all “did you bring one for EVERYONE??”

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