We Didn’t Used to be So Mean

There’s work to be done. I’m having a hard time seeing it, because I’m tired right now. I was on the road for work, and it’s getting dark early and I’m having a hard time getting through, in general, right now, to a clear idea of what to write or say.

We’ve done a lot, and just because the numbers are the numbers doesn’t mean the work was meaningless. I would a thousand times rather have fought for John Kerry in 2004 and for Obama both goddamn times and for every Democrat I voted for, than be unable to say to myself today, you did the job in front of you.

At some point you have to know you fought back. We lost with Bush, TWICE. But we fought back.

I think we should think about what we should do for the next month or so. Should we raise money for that food pantry again? That was fun. Another Secret Santa? That was fun, too. Are there kittens, as need adopting someplace?

Do you need help? Can we help you do something?



One thought on “We Didn’t Used to be So Mean

  1. What was the name of that website where teachers listed what they needed for their schools and you could kick in for it? Didn’t we do a couple of those? I enjoyed them.

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