Being a Rape Victim is Awesome, By George Will

Are you even serious, right now: 

Will offers an anecdote from a student at Swarthmore College, in which a woman reported a rape after a former sexual partner wouldn't take no for an answer. Will implies that because the incident occurred "with a guy with whom she’d been hooking up for three months," she wasn't sexually assaulted.

Right. Once you have slept with a guy once, he has unrestricted access to your vagina for life. It is physically impossible for him to rape you. The female body has no way of shutting that down. 

"I just kind of laid there and didn’t do anything — I had already said no. I was just tired and wanted to go to bed. I let him finish. I pulled my panties back on and went to sleep," the woman wrote about the encounter.

"Six weeks later, the woman reported that she had been raped," Will wrote about the Swarthmore student. "Now the Obama administration is riding to the rescue of 'sexual assault' victims. It vows to excavate equities from the ambiguities of the hookup culture, this cocktail of hormones, alcohol and the faux sophistication of today’s prolonged adolescence of especially privileged young adults."

"The ambiguities of the hookup culture," writes George Will, who last had sex during the Eisenhower administration, and is convinced that Jersey Shore is a documentary about the lives of young people today. Just what does he imagine "the hookup culture" to be? Possibly the kids are smoking the dope, and listening to the hippity hop. 

Plenty of people have already had a go at him for his idea that being a rape victim is TEH AWESOM (like, you admit to being raped first, George, if it gets you all the sweet rewards), so let's talk about how "especially privileged" young adults are today, in their "prolonged adolescence." I suppose if young ladies would demonstrate sufficient maturity, we could be properly sympathetic when they are raped, instead of wondering if their short skirts had anything to do with it. 

A prolonged adolescence. What a gaping asshole. Yeah, it's totally a sweet swingin' time when you're thousands of dollars in debt for a degree that's only going to get you a job at $25,000 which is not enough to make rent anywhere you really want to live, a job for which you are expected to be slaveringly grateful and from which you are never allowed to take a sick day, lest you be accused of an insufficent work ethic in comparison to the Greatest Generation. 

On the nights and weekends, you're expected to be joining a bowling league, going to church, working on your novel, paying slavish attention to every word uttered by your elders, reading the Great Books and Major Newspapers of Our Nation, worshipping at the altar of musicians who are mostly dead and weren't that good when they were alive, and otherwise proving yourself Worthy to a generation of columnists who will hate you no matter what you do.

If you earn your first million the year you graduate, you are Programmed and Overachieving and Lack Romance in Your Soul. If you take a year off to backpack around Europe, you are Avoiding Responsibility. If you wonder in print about whether a life lived as a miserable wage slave is what you really want, you are Entitled, and if you can't find a job in the field for which you studied your ass off for six years, you need to Lower Yourself to Work at McDonald's Because That's What We Did Back in My Day. 

And after all that, if you get raped, it's probably because of the hookup culture and your privilege, and not because someone ignored you when you told him to get off you. 

The conservative columnist then disputed certain aspects of the definition of sexual assault.

"Combine this with capacious definitions of sexual assault that can include not only forcible sexual penetration but also nonconsensual touching. Then add the doctrine that the consent of a female who has been drinking might not protect a male from being found guilty of rape," he wrote. "Then comes costly litigation against institutions that have denied due process to males they accuse of what society considers serious felonies."

Will then links sexual assault to other attempts to "create victim-free campuses."

I'm sorry, what's the alternative here? Victim-filled campuses? Is he advocating for more rape victims, so as to teach the hookup culture of privileged extended adolescents a lesson of some kind? If college students were all poor, could we feel sorry for them when they were raped? Would their accusations be more readily believed, then?


7 thoughts on “Being a Rape Victim is Awesome, By George Will

  1. Will’s parting shot is also creepily special:
    “What government is inflicting on colleges and universities, and what they are inflicting on themselves, diminishes their autonomy, resources, prestige and comity. Which serves them right. They have asked for this by asking for progressivism.”
    So colleges and universities are no better than those “hookup culture” sluts. Serves them right. After all, they asked for it…

  2. When people want “rape” to mean exclusively “forcible sexual penetration”, it immediately implies to me that these are the sorts of people who don’t believe men can be raped by women, and more generally, that they’re the sort of people who would ask a lesbian couple how they have sex.
    The only explanation I can come up with for all of these old dudes bitching about how much the definition of sexual assault encompasses is that they’ve examined their own sexual history and found things – either with themselves as the perpetrator or the recipient – that fit the definition, and this makes them highly uncomfortable. So rather than come to terms with the fact that they may have done something wrong, they harrumph about the definition of “wrong”.

  3. I’m an academic type. I can see the need to discuss any number of questions imbeded in the data as well as how the colleges handle accusations. I’m trying to give Will the benefit of the doubt as I’ve read thoughtful editorials from him in the past.
    But I read the WaPo online article. Anyone from the owner down to the lowliest intern in the mailroom, on reading the article would have instantly lost their cookies. If Will was trying to say what I did in my first paragraph, he it totally insane for thinking that what he said actually raised those questions as well a ever further off the cliff for thinking the way he said it would cause the readers to ask such questions.
    It was far beyond hyperbole to being what appears to me to be intentional cruelty.

  4. Shorter GWill (and echoing Hobbes’ comment): “Hey! If that’s rape, I’m a rapist. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No.”

  5. When it comes to George Will and his ignorant blathering, I keep hoping that Wapo will “shut that whole thing down”.
    If only.

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