The Right to Bully

These open carry people: 

Some 20 vocal advocates of open carry, many members of Michigan Open Carry, Inc., spoke during Monday’s meeting, quoting laws and pointing out that concealed pistol license (CPL) holders are “normal, law-abiding citizens.” Others cited statistics asserting that, often, horrific crimes happen in places typically designated as pistol-free zones, such as schools and theaters, while others declared the right for CPL holders to open carry in a school building.

A number of attendees also said the issue isn’t about “rights” so much as it is about shielding their children from harm.

“We live in a country where we protect everything from our banks, our presidents, cities, states and the whole country… with men and women who carry guns, but we don’t protect our children that way,” said William Nesler of Romulus, who came to the meeting along with others from Shelby Township, Wyandotte, Ann Arbor, Gross Pointe, Hartland and elsewhere.

“Some people still believe guns don’t make you safe,” said Nesler, who wore a gun on his hip, “but I can guarantee, my son is safer standing behind me than he is standing behind a piece of paper that says ‘gun free zone.’”

This, the “why can’t I say the N-word,” the “why can’t I post the Ten Commandments on public property,” the entirety of the conversations we have about abortion and health care, they’re just about the right to bully people.

And that’s not a right.


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  1. I’m pretty sure no kid was ever accidently killed by a paper that says, “Gun free zone.”

    Just sayin’….

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