Album Cover Art Wednesday: Nichols & May Examine Doctors

American cultural icon Mike Nichols died last week at the age of 83. His track record as a film and stage director was unparalleled.  My personal favorites among his films are The Graduate and Charlie Wilson’s War, which were done some 40 years apart. He was also the favorite stage director of one of my comedic heroes, Neil Simon. Additionally, Nichols was one of the few people ever to win, if that’s the right word, the EGOT. If you don’t know what that is, I’m not sure if we can remain friends…

One of the reasons Nichols was so adept at comedy was that he began life as a comedian in partnership with Elaine May. Here’s the cover of one of their LPs:

Nichols & May Examine Doctors

Here’s the entire album on the YouTube:

Not many people know that Nichols and May did a series of commercials for New Orleans based Jax Beer, which once again proves that purt near everything has a New Orleans connection. Varg has thoughtfully arranged them for us at the Chicory.