What We Say Is Important Is Important: The Newsroom Thread

It’s just sad now.

You know why it’s sad? Because nothing Lucas said was an enemy of what  Charlie said. Jim and Hallie aren’t enemies. And there is no reason we can’t have everything we want, if only everybody would stop jerking off about it in public.

I wrote a story, few years back, about how tough it is to be married, that first year, and how it gets better. I wrote a story about how into my husband I am now, and before it was published I said something along the lines of, “Are you fucking the sandwich girl at your office?”

Because if he had been, that would have been embarrassing. “This is our fabulous relationship,” and the next day we’re divorced. Nothing’s ever just your story, and this is why the first person is called that. It’s the first person, not the only person.

All of which is to say: FUCK JIM. Really. Fuck him and his need to find something wrong about Hallie, to make a stand about something that doesn’t need standing, to make something a fight that doesn’t need to be a fight. Like Lucas and Charlie, like Will and the gossip columnist the first year.

Everybody’s so goddamn threatened all the time. Everybody running around making it all about who wins, as if the lesson of the world these days isn’t primarily that there doesn’t need to be one winning vision but a thousand. I find myself wanting to call up Sorkin and say it’s okay, it’s okay.

It’s okay to care about what you care about and let everybody else care about what they care about, and nobody needs to be dumber or poorer or more afraid because somebody else cares about something else. It’s all okay. There’s room for all of it, and the way I know that is that there’s a whole Internet full of wonderful people who’ve spent years teaching me that for free.

Quick takes: I was never into Will and Mack and their thing, and suddenly I am. Because I do lots of things for somebody’s approval, and half the time that person barely notices, and sometimes I wonder how hard I’m kidding myself.

And the wedding got me, because I’m sap. When Mr. A and I got engaged, after we got done telling our fucking board of directors because obvs they should find out before my parents, after we called everyone we knew, he asked when I wanted to do it and I said tomorrow, City Hall? He’s an only child, though, and so we had a Catholic pageant with a giant dress and tailcoats, which my grandparents liked a whole lot.

Maggie’s boyfriend feeling like he comes in second? Maggie’s boyfriend needs to get over it. Everybody comes in second to somebody. Deal, asshole. Also I don’t like his scraggly face.

Don and Sloan, though? THE CUTEST. Like I said, sap.

Something I never really noticed or appreciated before: How much Reese loves Will. He gives Will bad advice and worries about the wrong stuff but he does it because he loves Will, truly and deeply. Reese doesn’t want to be a good guy but he is, in spite of himself.

Hey show, you have two episodes left. That Charlie/Leona flashback episode, I trust that it is coming.


One thought on “What We Say Is Important Is Important: The Newsroom Thread

  1. Hey Athenae, I just got completed my views on this episode. Would Brian Williams Go To Jail To Protect A Source? Analysis of The Newsroom, Episode 4 http://digbysblog.blogspot.com/2014/12/would-brian-williams-go-to-jail-to.html

    What I didn’t say in my piece you said here. Thank you. I was getting shooting pains in my eyes from rolling them during Jim’s comments. God I wish Sorkin would stop with the horribly lame relationship stiff with Hallie and JIm and Maggie and anyone. The one relationship I can barely watch is Mack and Will because it has some substance in the conversation.

    I get that Don and Sloan are comedic relief but it’s really not that funny. I did like Charlie and Sloan’s excellent adventure with Mrs. Rodge Sterling, but I knew that it was too good to be true. And by the way, it just hit me. That Bloomburg Terminal? PRODUCT PLACEMENT!

    God I’m slow. I think it was when Charlie brought it up at the meeting where the company was sold that I finally figured it out.

    One part I did really like was when they all when shopping for wedding stuff. Charlie at the school! Very cool.

    BTW, someone said that Hallie should move her face a bit more, that as Meryl streep’s daughter… and I was “WHAT!” I found her very annoying, but I think that is partly because how crappy the dialogue between her and Jim is.

    As for who admires whom and how loves whom. Mack is the one everyone thinks is the best, and I found her conversation with Reese realistic especially when followed by the story going to the 71 year old woman at the AP. WOOT! I love that part of the story. I hope the woman crushes it and wins a Pulitzer for it. http://youtu.be/inLVUVh_izg?t=1m27s

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