Grossest Response to the Release of the Torture Report

What is “Politico bending over backwards (or maybe forward) to let Bush off the hook,” Alex? 

The Senate Intelligence Committee report finds that the “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” program escaped effective scrutiny by outsiders long after its inception in 2002, with CIA records showing that President George W. Bush was never briefed by the agency on specific techniques such as waterboarding until 2006. Top Bush administration officials such as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Colin Powell were not told of the practices until September 2003.

AFTER WHICH THEY KEPT FUCKING DOING IT. And if Rumsfeld found out in 2003, and Powell, why the fuck didn’t one of them tell Bush? I’m sorry, but how exactly does this exonerate Bush again?

Yet their headline is about how Bush was misled, because Republicans can never fail. They can only be failed by their underlings, who kept them in the dark. I’m sorry, how does this make it BETTER? If as president you are so dimly lit that your administration can torture people without telling you about it, I’m sorry, you don’t get a pass for what you decided not to know about.

Bush wrote in his memoirs that he knew about the enhanced interrogation program since 2002 and fully supported and approved it. But former CIA Directors George Tenet and Porter Goss told CIA investigators that Bush was not briefed by the agency about the interrogation techniques until 2006.

Again, after which, IT KEPT GOING ON.

Our current president is tired:

For his part, Obama was silent on the issues of whether the CIA misled outsiders about the program and about whether it produced important intelligence but he emphasized that he banned the harsh techniques soon after he took office.

“Rather than another reason to refight old arguments, I hope that today’s report can help us leave these techniques where they belong — in the past,” Obama said in the White House statement.

Right. That’s all that’s at stake here. Old arguments. We don’t want to have old arguments.

Actually, I don’t want to have old arguments. I WANT TO IMPRISON SOME GODDAMN PEOPLE, and I don’t care if it makes the cocktail parties fucking rough this Christmas.

You know what? You want the right to leave this shit in the past? You want to make sure everybody gets along and nobody has to face any consequences and not hold anybody accountable and not worry about anything? THEN GO THE FUCK HOME. Don’t be in government. Don’t be in Congress. Take a nap and watch TV. No one will judge you. But you do not get to sit in the chair and act like it’s all just too rough.



6 thoughts on “Grossest Response to the Release of the Torture Report

  1. Allison, can we meet? Are you in New Orleans? Because, girl, you and I have minds that
    Think alike. What the friggin hell! Doesn’t anyone see this?

  2. Amen and amen. We execute delusional madmen who don’t comprehend their own punishment because deterrence. But totally rational psychopaths who fashion a priori rationales for their crimes against humanity and a posteriori excuses for their war crimes can’t be held accountable for their crimes because that’s all in the past.

    Two things about that: (1) Bull; and (b) Shit.

    Where’s the deterrent for our own taxpayer-funded torturers? What’s to stop it from happening again when a new regime is installed? If we can execute the mentally ill, why can’t we even have a trial for the cold-eyed he-men who decided the Constitution could be shit-canned when they were skeered enough?

  3. but he sure is supporting said torturers. we know dickie + he are stupid enough to believe the crap FICTION says works.

  4. Ah, yes, let’s just flush culpability down the ol’ memory hole. Look, when Politico and others are saying that the fucking people who invented the program didn’t know of its existence, weren’t read into the details, that’s just an outright lie. Does no one remember the account of Bush’s reaction to the treatment of Zubaydah when he was told that the guy was being given pain killers for his injuries (two serious bullet wounds), and Bush went ballistic and said, “who ordered that?!” And that was early 2002.

    Does no one remember the accounts of the Iraq Working Group, to which people were brought in to literally pantomime the tortures that were being implemented so that all the members understood what was being done, and how it was being done?

    Are memories so short that no one remembers Cheney–in 2000fucking1–saying they were “taking the gloves off” and “going to the dark side, if you will.” ??? No one remember the accounts of David Fucking Addington getting up in the grille of every torture skeptic and accusing them of having blood on their hands?

    Every. Fucking. One. Of. The. Principals. In. The. Bush. White. House. Knew. Exactly. What. Was. Going. On. Every. Single. One.

    Okay, fuck, I’ve forgotten. Who are we at war with? Eurasia or Eastasia?

  5. Fuck prison. We are bound by treaties that say that if a torture victim dies, the torturer hangs. As a tough-on-crime conservative, I say we’ve been coddling these criminals for far too long.

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