Let Me Check Something

Last week we learned that we can — nay, SHOULD — summarily execute black men for being suspected of robbing convenience stores or selling loose cigarettes, but white men should not be kicked out of college for raping women because one woman might not have remembered every single thing about a trauma correctly.

Is that about where we’re at right now?

ETA: Also, we cannot punish our own politicians for ordering torture and lying about it. Because rude. 

At least we’ll be REALLY on top of the critical law enforcement issue of the day: smoking.


2 thoughts on “Let Me Check Something

  1. Quote from the Convention against Torture, which the US has signed and ratified:

    “Each State Party shall take effective legislative, administrative, judicial or other measures to prevent acts of torture in any territory under its jurisdiction. “

    I think we’re at the “or other measures” stage, aka: “heads on sticks”.

  2. Isn’t “deterrence” a wonderfully fluid concept? Texas is looking to “deter” batshit crazy Scott Panetti from ever killing someone again by executing him because freedom and justice and stuff.

    What deterrence are we using on our very own torturers? Oooh, an executive summary of a go-nowhere investigation! That’ll have them thinking twice before strapping the next luckless soul down on the old waterboard.

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