Lamar Strikes Again

Just when I take a wee blogcation, they drag me back in again. (If you get the reference, I’ll buy you an adult beverage some time. Make that a beer. I’m a cheap motherfugu.) I’d been largely off the grid, and then I learned that my old blogger friend (I almost called him my little buddy but I don’t want to be the skipper to his Gilligan) Lamar White Jr. had broken a story about past malaka of the week Steve Scalise giving a speech to David Duke’s group EURO. The story has, of course, gone viral as the kids would say. Jeez, now I sound like Thurston Howell. That’s not good.

Scalise’s minions are pleading ignorance about the nature of the group. They also offer the classic lame political excuse: bad staff work. When in doubt, blame some poor schmo who worked for you in 2002. Excuses are as rife in Gret Stet politics as bullshit; just look at the <shudder> front runner in the 2015 Governor’s race, our old pal, Sinator David Vitter. Btw, Vitter is pretending to strike a blow for liberty by going to see The Interview at the Chalmette Movies in da parish. Who woulda figured Bitter Vitter as a hashtag activist or that seeing a bro comedy is courageous. Now that I think of it, it takes a form of courage to endure James Franco’s smug mug on the big screen. End of the bit about Diaper Dave and the bro comedy.

This kerfuffle reminds me of the days when all sorts of “respectable” Louisiana Republicans played footsie with Dukkke. Many, like Scalise, have put some of Dukkke’s “populist” positions in a suit and tie and tried to make them respectable *after* the Gret Stet Fuhrer wannabe stopped doing so. It’s a minor league version of how Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter (yes, Jimmy Carter) cherry picked George Wallace’s political tree as it were. To be fair to my least favorite recent Democratic President, he borrowed Wallace’s anti-Washington/I’m an outsider shtick, and not the whole standing in the schoolhouse door thing.

On a personal level, I’m as pleased as punch that vast swaths of the MSM are giving Lamar credit for breaking the story. I expect that the Republican helots will be coming after him directly. He might even get slimed by Rush. If that happens, I will be a jealous motherfugu. (I’m trying swear less as well as to coin a swell new euphemism in addition to my continuing campaign to revive the word swell.) For now, I will merely bask in the reflected glory and hope that Lamar won’t forget the little people or Darby O’Gill for that matter…

I suspect that Scalise will keep his seat in Congress. He is, after all, from the same burg that elected Dukkke to the state lege. Moreover, as recently as 1999, Dukkke received 19% of the vote in a primary for the same seat Scalise holds today. Dukkke finished third behind former Governor Dave Treen and the eventual winner, our old pal, Diaper Dave. Scalise has already used the “I’m not a racist” dodge to the Vestigial Picayune. We’ll see how it plays.

As to Scalise’s continuing as majority whip, I’m not sure what will happen. This *should* be a major embarrassment for Speaker Boner but the nutbar caucus will rise to Scalise’s defense. Lamar is an Obama supporter so he must be a White House stooge and part of the Kenyan Mau Mau Marxist Nazi Jihadist conspiracy to destroy Merica. They should, however, read a piece by the wingnut blogger Erick Erickson with a priceless title: How Do You Show Up At A David Duke Event and Not Know What It Is? Excellent question since Scalise is a knave, not a fool. I cannot wait for the next diaper shoe to drop.

I’ll give the Rolling Stones the last word:

3 thoughts on “Lamar Strikes Again

  1. He’s still my little buddy. The Professor was a pompous know it all. I think Lamar would know how to kiss Ginger…

  2. Well, the Advocate is giving this the Vitter treatment: acknowledge, but under no circumstances elaborate or focus on it. Figures.

    As I told someone, Scalise has never struck me as being particularly sharp or astute, i.e., he’s a great fit for GOP leadership…

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