There Are No Consequences


Why exactly should the GOP “Stop Lying About Obama’s Economy” or about anything else?  Sure it’s destructive and immoral and maddening, but that’s the plan, right?  Just keep right on lying, setting fires and denying facts…until they break the place beyond our ability to fix…and then feast on the misery and rubble.
So in what way, specifically, Daniel, has continuously lying about, well, everything been an unsuccessful strategy for them?
Because even a nobody blogger like me can see hella plenty downsides that would come crashing down on the head of anyone inside the 2015 GOP who dares to honestly confront the thoroughly unpleasant verities underpinning their party and movement, but what are the upsides?

We keep wanting them to play by the rules.

We keep wanting the modern Republican Party to play by the rules of the politics of 30 years ago, or even 20 years ago. When people would say something, if you lied, and there wasn’t a 24-hour news network dedicated to propping you up afterwards and mopping your fevered brow.

We keep wanting them to play by the rules because if they play by the rules we can play by the rules, and everybody knows what to do, and nobody has to be mean or rude or make anybody uncomfortable or raise a voice in any way.

We keep wanting them to play by the rules because if the rules hold the world up, then we understand our place in it and we don’t have to think that hard. We don’t have to sort out truth from fiction and we don’t have to fight so hard just to keep our footing.

And the thing is, they fucking know that and they’re playing us, and the journalists who pretend that isn’t the case are either too stupid to figure it out, or too desperately lazy to do the necessary work to be alive in this moment, and I don’t really care which it is. Knock it the fuck off either way, we have work to do here.


4 thoughts on “There Are No Consequences

  1. In 2012 Romney managed to achieve a level of dishonesty that actually provoked a media response.

    Did that set the new standard? Did he move the Overton-Truthiness window, so that it will take even more blatant lying to get the media to call a lie a lie?

    One hopes that Romney established a boundary on campaign dishonesty: this far, and no further. But I have my doubts, and think that the Dem 2016 candidates better be prepared to have an extremely forceful fact-checking-and-pushback operation ready to go.

    Suggested tag-line: “What a fucking LIAR”

  2. If you’re talking about when Candy Crowley actually corrected Mitt Romney mid-lie during the 2012 debates, yeah, that was a surprising moment. Since then, though, most journalists have retreated to the “We don’t know nothin'” fortress of ineptitude. Crowley’s moment is remembered because of its incredible rarity, like the last-second shot in basketball or the hail Mary football pass.

    Far more common is the tack taken by now Joni Ernst. During her campaign, she was fear-mongering ebola to win votes, and when a reporter pointed out to her that only one person in the entire country had ebola, Ernst retorted that that was just the reporter’s opinion. The reporter and the rest of the popular media didn’t have the courage to stick with the facts and call Ernst out for being an ignorant fear monger, and now we get to call her Senator Ernst.

    Yeah, there’s a lot of work to be done. Part of it has to be done by a supine popular media that can’t recognize or defend a fact in the face of candidate bluster.

  3. “..when a reporter pointed out to her that only one person in the entire country had ebola, Ernst retorted that that was just the reporter’s opinion.”

    Worse than that – it was a sports reporter who also may be one of the best political bloggers in the game. Sure, he wrote (and writes) about it*, but the modern media doesn’t exist to point out mistakes – that’s not their job, as Ace Reporter Chuck Todd so rightly observed. How long has it been since Steven Colbert gave his forgotten-the-next-day speech at the “Bush Roast”?


  4. The most important person who didn’t seem to grasp that Republicans in our time do not “play by the rules” was Barack Obama. He spent most of his time and energy trying to appease the cutthroats who were his sworn enemies instead of confronting them and their lies. The point is that Republicans aren’t going to “knock it the fuck off.” It is up to Democrats to refute them, loudly and clearly, and to remind Americans that the GOP represents no one but the rich and morally challenged.

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