Tweet Of The Day: Back By Unpopular Demand

God’s gift to satire, Willard Mittbot Romney seems to have had a revelation from the Angel Moronic that he needs to run again. I await more news about the potential candidacy of the man who twice failed to become the first robot President. The LDS chapter of the Borg collective is mobilizing at this writing.

The tweet comes from some schmo who is waging a futile campaign to become the 13th Doctor Who:


2 thoughts on “Tweet Of The Day: Back By Unpopular Demand

  1. Okay, Steel Cage Death Match: Jebbie, Willard, a ‘gator, and Rafalca. Put it on PPV, proceeds to fund scholarships at a Clown College, and survivor (if any) to get the GOP nomination.

    I’m betting on the ‘gator.

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