Malaka Of The Week: Randy Weber

I usually avoid piling on, but Congressman Randy Weber (Wingnut-Texas) was begging for abuse with that already deleted infamous tweet this week. Even though he’s “apologized” I decided I should join the scrum because he went where no elected official should go. Additionally, *he* piled on to the most ridiculous meme in  quite some time and that’s saying something. And that is why Texas Teanut Twit Randy Weber is malaka of the week.

I decided to do the screen capture thing with the tweet since I knew it would be deleted:

photo (1)

I have a hard time understanding why *any* American politician EVER  trots out Hitler analogies. Nobody in American political history remotely compares to that genocidal, warmongering lunatic. I realize the flying monkeys of the far right loathe and despise the President, but Hitler comparisons lead to blowback. There are still surviving veterans of what the Russians call the Great Patriotic War and they were among the critics. Malaka Weber issued a classic  pro forma non-apology apology:

I need to first apologize to all those offended by my tweet. It was not my intention to trivialize the Holocaust nor to compare the President to Adolf Hitler. The mention of Hitler was meant to represent the face of evil that still exists in the world today. I now realize that the use of Hitler invokes pain and emotional trauma for those affected by the atrocities of the Holocaust and victims of anti-Semitism and hate.

Hey, he’s not anti-Semitic. That’s a good start, dude, but you should have also “apologized” to those who fought in that war. You know, the ones Brokaw dubbed the greatest generation. It would be the patriotic thing to do and assholes like Malaka Weber are as big on flag waving as on dick waving. I only hope their flags are bigger than their dicks or brains for that matter. More about Weber’s general malakatude after the break.

Speaking of stupidity, Weber supported the abortive “revolt” against Speaker Boner and is now shocked that he’s lost what little influence he had in the House. He should be spanked for voting to put Louis Gohmert Pyle third in line for the Presidency. It’s a good thing that the Speaker succession thing only happened on The West Wing and not in real life.  I’d take my homey John Goodman over Gohmert Pyle any day. I’m certain he can count without using his fingers and toes unlike the House teahadist caucus. Never move against the king unless you can kill him. It’s a good thing they don’t know Speaker Boner’s bartender.

Onto the other sub-plot of the post, the whole preposterous “Obama shoulda gone to Paris” meme. A certain candidate for Whovian immortality put it this way on the Tweeter Tube:

Presidents are usually the *targets* of demonstrations, not participants. Just imagine the security nightmare that would have been caused by the Oval One landing in Paris last weekend.  Then, the wingnuts would have been baying at the moon about his going. He just can’t win with some people. The only mistake the administration made was Josh’s Earnest apology for not sending a higher level representative. Fuck that. Besides, the American right had a representative at the rally: Bibi Netanyahu. Bibi was asked not to come by President Hollande, but he did anyway. He’s a regular Sheridan Whiteside.

There are times I  wonder if I should “honor” the malakatude of yet another Texas Goper, but they grow them so crazy down there that I cannot help myself. John Cornhole, Randy NoogiebauerSteve Stockjoke, Tailgunner Ted Cruz,  Doctor/Congressman Michael Burgess, Cathie Adams and Randy Fahrenthold come on down. I had no idea that Weber was the 8th honoree from Texas. and the third  Randy one. Apparently, I am a bad next door neighbor…

I hope Randy Weber enjoys his new broom closet sized office on the Hill. He deserves a lot worse and that is why he is malaka of the week.

All this talk about Paris has given me an earworm. Here’s a song about courtesans and such from 10cc:

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  1. I so wish President Obama would come out in favor of breathing. The absolutely predictable reponse of a lot of Republicans would solve so many problems.

  2. Reading Weber’s non-apology apology, it seems to have come as a bit of surprise to him that some people are still miffed at Hitler. He never imagined there were people who remembered HItler as anything more than a political trope. And although his tweet was a direct equation of Hitler and President Obama, he sure didn’t mean it that way, and why are you people so sensitive? You’re the real Holocaust deniers and trivializers!

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