Weekend Question Thread

What were you afraid of as a kid, and are you still afraid of it?

I still hate spiders. Bugs of all kinds really, but mostly spiders. Fuck those things.


10 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. 2aimai says:

    I was terribly afraid of zombies, vampires, and animated killer mummies. As a child I stumbled on a cache of truly creepy black and white horror comics filled with serial killers and other deadly things. I barely slept for a solid year and wanted desperately to wear a cross–freaking my mother out–because of the fear of vampires. This is in the sixties.

  2. Tommy T says:

    Needles. I had an incompetent school nurse hurt me badly on Shot Day at school.
    I’m the world’s least likely candidate to become a junkie.
    I can’t even watch someone getting an injection on TV, even though I know it’s fake.

  3. TheOtherHank says:

    As a kid I was sure there some kind of horrible monster under my bed that would grab me if I stood next to the bed with the lights off. At bedtime I would shut off the light, get a running start, and jump into bed from as far from the bed as possible. I still don’t like standing next to the bed in the dark.

    As far as needles go, when the Navy stationed my dad overseas I had to get a shot in each arm every week for more than a month. That got me over my fear of needles. I kind of like watching the needle go in when I donate blood.

  4. Having Kick cured me of any needle fear. My veins suck, though, so sometimes it’s hard for the nurse to find one. I usually tell them to just stick me in the hand. It hurts more initially but at least they don’t have to root around as much.


  5. mmferry1965 says:

    Count me with TheOtherHank as being afraid of what could be under the bed…and now that I’m in South Loosiana, that’s not necessarily an unhealthy fear, though it’s really what’s under the floor under the bed that concerns me. Especially since, because it’s an old house, there’s no subfloor.

  6. azportsider says:

    Tornadoes, because they’re so unpredictable and damaging. They terrified me as a kid growing up on the high plains, but not so much now because they’re pretty rare in Arizona.

  7. montag47 says:

    I don’t remember being terrified of too much, except heights (I think years of ear infections as a preschooler disturbed my equilibrium). I still am sensitive to heights, but do try to just remember to have solid footing and handholds when climbing anything, and I’m generally okay.

    Monsters, never, although I think I set back my younger brother’s toilet training by a year or so by telling him that there was a monster with red and green taillights hiding in the toilet that would rise up out of the water and bite him on the behind.

  8. pansypoo says:

    i’ll go w/ tornadoes cause my great-grandma died in one.

  9. Spiders, hypodermic needles because the apparatus is altogether frightening, and men.

  10. Dr A says:

    Earwigs! Because they would crawl in your ears and eat your brain! (At least that’s what the big kids said!)

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