Attempt to Imagine

if Democrats had tried to shut down the government over the war: 

The department runs out of money on Feb. 27. Texas senator and potential presidential candidate Ted Cruz insists DHS not get any money unless Republicans get to undo the president’s immigration policies. That places McConnell in a dilemma — how does he placate Cruz and his allies while avoiding a shutdown of the agency?

Republican Cruz has vowed he will stop at nothing to block the president’s executive action on immigration. And when you ask him exactly how he intends to do that, he says it’s already in writing. Go look it up.

“I wrote a long op-ed two months ago, laying [out] precisely what we should do. We should use the power of confirmations and we should use the power of the purse,” Cruz said as he slipped into an elevator at the Capitol.

His op-ed argues those are the two ways to defeat the president’s executive action. Block all nominations, except those vital to national security. And deny funding for Obama’s plan to defer deportations for some 5 million immigrants living here illegally.

Would any of them have been treated as seriously by Even The LIberal NPR, had they even so much as whispered that they would block all action on everything until the war was over? Would any of them be mentioned as presidential candidates, ever again?

Never mind Democrats actually had the power to do that, and didn’t. Never mind Democrats had the power to do that and more, and didn’t, because everyone in the press would have called them OMG SO MEEN, and divisive probably, and certainly uncivil, and whined that as the opposition party they had an obligation to work with the president and respect his wishes and vacuum under his ass. Just try to IMAGINE if they had done it.


One thought on “Attempt to Imagine

  1. Not just OMG SO MEEN, but we would have been treated (and we were) to endless iterations of “the will of the people” as evidenced by that dumbass squatting in the Oval Office. “Democrats are thwarting The Will of The People” whenever they tried to short-circuit some hare-brained Republican program. Sure, Republicans hadn’t campaigned on (for example) privatizing Social Security, but early on in 2005, that was all they could talk about. And it was a crisis of constitutional proportions for Democrats to act as an opposition party, which wasn’t even all that oppositional or effective in a lot of ways.

    But yeah, just imagine if they had been better at stopping the demented policies of the Commander in Chief during wartime.

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