Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Amusing Grace edition

Good morning, gentle people! Thanks for helping me wade through the oldest drums of Freeper toxic waste last week – now we can get to some more current hazerdous material. I have a pack-O-CPAC pallet in the back still, but that’s for next Monday.

Let’s suit up and take a look, shall we?


First up – Birther Boogaloo!

Even Tea Party favorite Allen West wouldn’t support investigation of Obama’s eligibility

Coach is Right ^

| 4/5/13
| George Spelvin

Posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 10:39:13 AM by Oldpuppymax

Tea Party favorite former US Congressman Allen West admitted to
investigator Lt. Mike Zullo that political expediency was more important
to him than supporting the investigation of Barack Obama’s eligibility
for office. “I would really have to think about this, but I don’t think
so,” West said in response to Zullo’s question: “Would you support an
individual that steps forward to bring this (document fraud) to the

The officer heading up Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case
Posse investigation went to the Conservative C-PAC enclave with radio
talk host Carl Gallups to tell any and all listeners about the criminal
law enforcement probe of birth certificate document fraud. (1) Zullo
described his conversation with West as a face to face, direct on
conversation with the Tea Party favorite to whose political campaign so
many trusting Americans gave their hard earned dollars.

The retired Lieutenant Army Colonel said to Zullo that spending his political capital…

posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 10:39:13 AM
by Oldpuppymax
OK, Freepers – this is Allen Fucking West!
You know – the other black guy you like.
Maybe now you’ll drop this stupidity and slowly back away from it.

To: Oldpuppymax

This is great news to all the trolls and haters at FR!

posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 10:41:34 AM
by treetopsandroofs
(Had FDR been GOP, there would have been no World Wars, just “The Great War” and “Roosevelt’s Wars”.)
Um –

To: Oldpuppymax
Zullo told West, “I can’t tell you who Barack Obama is,” to which West replied, “You get the tin foil hat label.”West feared the ridicule of being called a Birther.

Then, don’t bother calling me for donations. Don’t bother calling me for any reason.

I’ve learned that how people handle the little things in life is a good
predictor of how they’ll handle the big things. I thought West might be
one of the good ones, but now?

I wish I could believe him and his concern for justice for Benghazi victims and casualties, but I guess I don’t now.

What have you done for me lately, Mr. Politician?

posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 10:52:05 AM
by GBA
(Here in the Matrix, life is but a dream.)
Distracted you and kept you from staring up at the rain with your mouth open until you drowned?

To: Oldpuppymax

Well, spending one’s political capital on something that is going
to go nowhere, even though it should go somewhere, is probably not a
very wise way to spend one’s political capital.

What is more worrisome than his fraudulent identity is the fact that
America has elected this bum twice, and is likely to replace him with a
psychotic bag lady.

posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 10:58:25 AM
by chris37

To: Oldpuppymax

Political capital or personal ambition? Just another joker wrapping himself in the mantel of conservatism for personal gain.

posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 11:02:03 AM
by Hotlanta Mike
(“Governing a great natiorn is like cooking a small fish – too much handling will spoil it.” Lao Tzu)
Well, at least they’re consistent.

To: Oldpuppymax

West can go to hell!!

posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 11:03:36 AM
by dalereed
I told you guys – we’re doing CPACnext week.

To: Oldpuppymax

The rhinocerous is crapping in the punch bowl. And yet, the band plays on. (Kiss America good-bye.)

posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 11:19:42 AM
by faithhopecharity

To: Responsibility2nd
>>>So What? I’m a die-hard birther and I agree with Col.
West. Obama’s eligibility has been investigated for the last 7 year

Me too. Want to make him look even more sympathetic? Unfortunately
nobody cares and that lack of caring will backfire into sympathy. That
is the sad, cold truth.

Those here who think it will achieve
anything are the same ones that thought Obama would lose by 20. They are
not living in the [sad] real world…but on an island.

posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 12:32:12 PM
by NELSON111
And thus endeth the lesson.
More after the jump to Keynya..


Next up – it’s Sluts Redux!

Judge Orders F.D.A. to Make Morning-After Pill Available Over the Counter for All Ages


| 4/5/13
| Pam Belluck

Posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 7:44:24 AM by SoFloFreeper

A federal judge has ruled that the Unites States government must make
the most common morning-after pill available over the counter for all
ages, instead of requiring a prescription for girls 16 and under.

decision, on a fraught and politically controversial subject, comes
after a decade-long fight over who should have access to the pill and
under what circumstances, and it counteracts an unprecedented move by
the Obama administration’s Health and Human Services secretary who in
2011 overruled a recommendation by the Food and Drug Administration to
make the pill available for all ages without a prescription.

See? Now Obama can say “But the JUDGE FORCED us to make the abortion pill available for everyone!”
posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 7:44:24 AM
by SoFloFreeper

To: SoFloFreeper

The child molesters and the prostitution industry will be dancing in the streets.

posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 7:48:54 AM
by Missouri gal

To: SoFloFreeper

Just saw this on Miami tv news…liberal media is SO HAPPY that
12 year old girls won’t need to see a doctor before aborting a child.

posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 7:51:38 AM
by SoFloFreeper
As opposed to your being happy to see a 12 year old girl having a child?

To: SoFloFreeper

Say judge, we are reading that cancer patients are being turned
away from clinics because of budget cuts. Will you now order the F.D.A.
to provide the clinics with the cancer drugs?

posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 7:52:34 AM
by Enterprise
(“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire)
Fucking well works for me.
But I thought you guys hated giving the poors cancer treatment? Takers and such.


What makes you think the government isn’t already doing this.
Take the pill, flush it away, it enters the water cycle. Feminizes the


Goes all the way up into the sky then falls all the way back down
onto me.


Contraceptives in the rain.

posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 7:53:39 AM
by eaglescout1998

To: SoFloFreeper

Next thing it will be a new breakfast drink additive!!!!

posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 8:00:07 AM
by tired&retired
Well, that was fun.
Next, in the “I don’t believe the sun comes up in the East unless Dead Breitbart says so” department – it’s
Blind squirrel finds a nut!! Film at 11!!

The Great DHS Ammunition Stockpile Myth

Breibart – Big Government ^

| 4-4-2013
| Tom Stilson

Posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 8:42:29 AM by Sir Napsalot

There are dozens of articles hyping government purchases of
ammunition over the last nine months. After spending weeks researching
this topic, this is a collection of commonly held myths that are based
more on panic than fact.

With the recent release of a letter
from the Department of Homeland Security to Senator Coburn, the numbers
we calculated independently seem to corroborate the narrative coming
from DHS. The concerns surrounding DHS stockpiling ammunition are
nothing but more fear-mongering and largely unwarranted. For once, here
are the facts to set the record straight:

MYTH: DHS purchased 750 million rounds of several different types of ammunition in August 2012.

The DHS contract never stated 750 million rounds at any time. It is a
five year contract with a maximum purchase of 70 million rounds over the
life of the contract. Military Times recently addressed this issue as

MYTH: DHS purchased an unprecedented 450 million rounds of .40 S&W 180gr hollow point bullets in 2012.

This is a standard five year contract that follows a historical
purchasing pattern of DHS. Furthermore, it is not an “unprecedented”
purchase by DHS. In fact, it is not even a purchase by DHS but by
Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Starting in 2003,
orders of 50 million and 225 million .40 S&W hollow point ammunition
totaling 275 million rounds were purchased. After the expiration of the
five year contracts in 2008, ICE purchased an additional 575 million
rounds of .40 S&W hollow point ammunition with two separate orders
(200 million and 375 million). Now, with the expiration of the 2008
contract, ICE has ordered a maximum of 450 million rounds over the next
five years.

Be sure to read the article and the rest of the myths from source, it has lots and lots of links to the quotes used.

Now we only need Tom Stilson to explain DHS purchasing light armor vehicles myth.

posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 8:42:29 AM
by Sir Napsalot
In case you haven’t been paying attention, there’s been a new nutjob conspiracy meme floating about, ever since the conspiratards found out that the Government makes bulk ammo buys,
(I suppose they thought that the DHS and Marines just get cash and drive themselves to Wal-Mart to buy whatever’s left on the shelves after the Doomsday Poopers get through).
Debunked here, and here, and here, but that didn’t stop the Freeperati – until Dead Breitbart weighed in on it.

To: Sir Napsalot

What’s to explain? DHS didn’t purchase them, the Marines did.

posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 8:43:47 AM
by 1rudeboy
Stop making sense.

To: DManA

It’s no myth that no one can get ammunition. Even Homeland Security. That fact demands an explanation

The reason there’s an ammunition shortage is that people are buying a lot of ammunition. It’s very simple.

It’s a self-perpetuating feedback loop. There was panic buying
after Newtown, and once reports of shortages popped up, even more people
panicked and went out to buy ammunition, leading to more shortages,
more panic buying, and so on. The silly panic over DHS ammo purchases
(but not the small purchases themselves) has increased the phenomenon
even more.

For gun owners, the answer to “why is there an ammo shortage” can be found by looking in a mirror.

posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 8:54:15 AM
by Strategerist
Of course, there are some who hate to waste a good conspiracy:

To: lacrew

They are testing common rounds found by US gun owners against body armor.

posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 8:57:25 AM
by Resolute Conservative

To: 1rudeboy

True the Marines originally purchased the light armored trucks
then discovered they were not up to Marine standards and break down all
the time so they got rid of them and the DHS picked them up.

Maybe Stilson can tell us why DHS needs 2717 light armored trucks to
drive around our highways which are more than adequately protected by
State, County and city police forces and why they need 7,000 full auto
assault rifles.

Also interesting is the morphing explanation by DHS. First the ammo is for training. Now its just a bugetary matter.

Lastly, if they have no intention of purchasing 2 billion rounds of
ammo why contract for it? They won’t get it cheaper if they dont take

Sorry Breitbart not buying it.

posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 9:11:07 AM
by Georgia Girl 2
(The only purpose of a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should never have dropped.)

To: Sir Napsalot

Who you gonna’ believe?

Your own lyin’ eyes and ears or the people who burned down the Branch
Davidian compound and used Army tanks to murder 82 men, women and

But remember, they did it “to save the children”.

posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 9:20:52 AM
by Iron Munro
And, of course, they finally sieze on the REAL culprits:

To: DManA

“nothing but more fear-mongering”

“Who orchestrating the fear-mongering? What is their motive?”

Democrat strategists would create such a myth to cause the right to
appear totally wacked out.
It would fit well with their campaign to make
Conservatives all “Extremists” in the eyes of the masses. It would
blend with their campaign to nudge the Conservatives to form a third
party, and become totally irrelevant to the political scene as so many
others albeit mostly single issue/focus parties have become.

I do believe it is a credible tactic of the Left’s.

posted on Friday, April 05, 2013 11:55:20 AM
by rockinqsranch
(Dems, Libs, Socialists, call ’em what you will, they ALL have fairies livin’ in their trees.)
And there ya have it.
Our plan worked to perfection!
Time for one more…
The Messicans done it! If only he’d had a gun…

Texas district attorney, wife found dead at home, 2 months after assistant prosecutor killed

AP ^

| 3/31/2013

Posted on Sunday, March 31, 2013 9:27:42 AM by EBH

A central Texas prosecutor and his wife were found killed in their
house two months after one of his assistants was gunned down near their
office, authorities said.

Investigators found the bodies of
Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife, Cynthia,
on Saturday, Kaufman County sheriff’s Lt. Justin Lewis said. Police, FBI
agents, Texas Rangers and deputies were part of the investigation.

District Attorney Mark Hasse was shot to death in a parking lot a block
from his office on Jan. 31. No arrests have been made in his death.

declined to say how the couple died or whether authorities believe
their deaths are linked to Hasse’s. He wouldn’t provide further details.
Kaufman County is 33 miles southeast of Dallas.

Kaufman Police
Chief Chris Aulbaugh told The Dallas Morning News that the McLellands
had been shot in their home and although investigators didn’t know if
their deaths were related to Hasse’s killing, they couldn’t discount it.

“It is a shock,” Aulbaugh told the newspaper. “It was a shock
with Mark Hasse, and now you can just imagine the double shock and until
we know what happened, I really can’t confirm that it’s related but you
always have to assume until it’s proven otherwise.”


Hmmm…what’s up Texas? They be dropping like flies on 0bama’s face!
posted on Sunday, March 31, 2013 9:27:42 AM
by EBH
Freepers – who could be responsible for murdering these unarmed well-armed men?


An ADA and a DA are killed already this year… in a county not exactly heavily populated? Dude LEO…they are connected

Smells like Mexican Drug Cartels

You can bet it’s Mex. Cartels if they refuse to say who may be behind
the killings. The big push for Illegal Alien Amnesty cannot be stalled
with folks freaking about the Mex Drug Cartels

posted on Sunday, March 31, 2013 9:42:32 AM
by SeminoleCounty
(GOP = Greenlighting Obama’s Programs)
That’s one Messican.

To: SeminoleCounty

Mexican Cartels armed with Obamaguns via Fast+Furious.

Ironic that the biggest gun smuggler (Obama) is “calling for” citizens to surrender their guns.

He makes proclamations between smuggling guns to Drug Cartels and to his fellow Moslem Brotherhood terrorists.

Typical lying moslem.

posted on Sunday, March 31, 2013 10:01:57 AM
by LyinLibs
(If victims of islam were more “islamophobic,” maybe they’d still be alive.)
Two Messicans.


I wonder if we’ll ever find out if the weapon(s) were from F & F.

posted on Sunday, March 31, 2013 10:34:09 AM
by Doomonyou
(Let them eat Lead.)
Probably not.


Mexican drug cartels. They are all over the American Southwest, and are pretty firmly entrenched in the Chicago area, as well.

All the slaughter that has been going on in Mexico for years will now become commonplace here.

Thanks a lot, Obungo and Holdup and the Napster.

posted on Sunday, March 31, 2013 10:56:24 AM
by ought-six
( Multiculturalism is national suicide, and political correctness is the cyanide capsule.)
Three Messicans!
Do I hear a Muzzie?


Mexican Drug Cartels brought to a Texas town near you…DISGUSTING!

posted on Sunday, March 31, 2013 3:56:34 PM
by Ann Archy
(Abortion…the HUMAN Sacrifice to the god of Convenience.)
OK that’s four Messicans – do I hear five? Five Messicans??
Going once…going twice…

To: SeminoleCounty
Actually the prevailing theory by both the FBI and the TDPS is that
this is the work of the Aryan Brotherhood, given that the Kaufman DA had
announced their involvement in a racketeering investigation of that
group on the day the first guy was killed.
posted on Sunday, March 31, 2013 11:21:24 AM
by stormer

To: Free in Texas

It is sad that Texas can not secede, close it’s borders, and hunt down and eliminate these brazen criminals.

posted on Sunday, March 31, 2013 4:59:52 PM
by HogsBreath
I’m sorry – bidding is closed.


An update story says the D.A. was armed and wary.

Why no security camera’s, motion detectors, alarms, if you’re that wary?

I’m thinking video linked intercoms will be hot sellers soon.

posted on Sunday, March 31, 2013 4:20:51 PM
by G Larry
(Which of Obama’s policies do you think I’d support if he were white?)
And why no land mines, if he was “armed and wary”?
How armed and how wary do you have to be to stop a bullet (or 50) with your handgun?

To: no-to-illegals

Kick my doors in at 3:00 a.m. and see if you can get to our bedroom before I get to nail you…

You’re front lit with motion lights, and I’m in a dark covered position.

Unless you’re spraying full auto .308, you’re mine.

posted on Sunday, March 31, 2013 10:54:51 PM
by G Larry
(Which of Obama’s policies do you think I’d support if he were white?)
.308, .309 – whatever it takes …
This kinda gets down to the core of the crazy, doesn’t it?
An armed man looking out for trouble / assassination attempts gets gunned down, and the Freeperati are all:
“Well, that wouldn’t happen to ME, cause I arglebarglewhaargarbl!”
After creepy McFreeper above guns down one of his visiting kids, and then turns the handgun on himself to make the horrible go away, there’ll be Freeperati galore to expound on how that wouldn’t happen to them because they would arglebarglewhaargarbl.
See you good people next week!

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