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Remember Chris Rose who was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for his personalized reporting on Katrina and the Federal Flood? His decline and fall is the subject of a very fine profile  in the Columbia Journalism Review by Michael Patrick Welch. It’s a poignant piece but also illustrates Rose’s self-absorption, which part of the reason for his downfall. He’s a very talented writer whose other main talent is bridge burning. I know that sounds harsh but my encounters with the man were quite unpleasant. I’ll leave it at that. I don’t believe in kicking a man when he’s down even if he is his own worst enemy.

The epic discussion we’ve been having on NOLA Twitter reminded me of Jeffrey’s classic 2006 takedown of Rose when he was on top, and the latter’s belated response and admission that he’d snubbed my main man Ashley Morris. It just struck me that Ashley has been dead for nearly 7 years. 7 fucking years.

Chris Rose has gone from the toast of the town to the talk of the town, so I’ll give the Pretenders the last word:

4 thoughts on “The Talk Of The Town

  1. I’m a little embarrassed about that old Rose post. I didn’t know near as much about his personal problems at the time. Only knew that he was an annoying celeb gossip writer before Katrina who appeared to be building a “personal brand” off of other people’s tragedy after Katrina. It irked me. But I was meaner about it than I should have been.

    Not that it was wrong, exactly. My opinion of his work hasn’t changed. It’s just that came off as more of a personal attack than I meant. And reading it today, it looks like something you’d find in the comments. So.. thanks for digging that up!

  2. It was a weird time when his struggles and lots of other people’s struggles seemed to converge, and he put that out there in writing. Things have long returned to him now having to solve his own problems, and he’s not there yet. It’s sad, but it’s especially sad for his kids.

    1. I wouldn’t sweat it, Jeffrey. Rose has always been an asshole and you just picked up on it before most people.

  3. I think you’re a little hard on Rose, and I’ll leave it at that. No doubt you know him batter than I do, and maybe he is a total asshole with addiction problems, but – Damn! – he can write. I give him credit for the writing I enjoyed all those years and for his writing after Katrina when he was wondering around as one of the walking wounded and writing about it when the old T-P consisted of two or three pages.

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