Friday Ferretblogging: Bucky vs. Cancer

In the past two weeks, Bucky started showing some weakness in his hind legs, and wandering around looking even more stoned than he normally does. Been through this before: Pancreatic cancer, which is what got Stripe and Puck and part of what took down Chicken-Riot. Still, I took him to the vet hoping maybe he was just, I don’t know, really BUMMED, or something. Blood tests, unfortunately, will out.

What we do for this, since he is six and a half and after Stripe I vowed no more surgeries when they just regrow the insulinomas anyway, is give him meds twice a day.

Already he’s acting more like his old self. Still a little wobbly, but he’s out of the cage every day wanting petting and attention, trying to knock stuff over, and ineptly chasing Claire. She seems to feel sorry for him, and lets him catch her more often than usual.

I hope the meds shrink the tumors and he lives another six years. Silly pet.



3 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Bucky vs. Cancer

  1. bummer. but pets live shorter lives so we can have more pets. now that i have lost 2 pairs of cats, i am glad they live longer.

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