Album Cover Art Wednesday: Room To Roam

The Waterboys have a special place in my heart. Each year as St Patrick’s Day approaches, I pull out Fisherman’s Blues and Room To Roam and play the hell out of them. They are, quite simply, two of the best examples of Celtic folk rock that I can think of. Musically it’s a coin toss, but Room To Roam has the better cover so that’s why I’m featuring it today.

The cover was designed by Anni  Siggins and features a photo by Simon Fowler. What’s not to love about the Waterboys on a carnival ride?


Room To Roam was remastered and re-released in 2008 in an extended version. Here’s the 2008 disc in the playlist  format:

One thought on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: Room To Roam

  1. Great albums, both. And I would hope that This Is the Sea gets a spin or two as well!

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