Another Bright Republican Light Goes Dark

What a moron: 

Schock, they reported, billed both entities a combined 172,520 miles on his personal Chevrolet Tahoe between January 2010 and July 2014. But when the Tahoe was sold that July, it had only 81,860 miles on the odometer.

Remember when he was the new hot piece of presidential manliness?

… When [a Chris Wallace interview with Schock] airs in Fox News Sunday’s “Power Player” segment, Wallace has added a coda: “What about Schock’s future?” he asks. “Governor Schock?” Pause for effect. “President Schock?”

The fact that he is not ugly caused many, many Republicans to lose they damn minds. FINALLY, we have a candidate who is not physically repulsive! 

Illinois Republican Rep. Aaron Schock is Alex P. Keaton all grown up.

YOU TAKE THAT BACK. Alex P. Keaton does not deserve that.


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